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Markus Stahlberg

December 19, 2023

~2 min

Year in Rewind: 2023 at N.Rich

It's been an amazing year for us at N.Rich, all thanks to our growing client base and community of professionals who remain excited about growth and innovation.

You've pushed, trusted, collaborated, and supported us in our goal to streamline, simplify, and enhance businesses' GTM processes through a data-driven strategy.

Here are some of the highlights of 2023 for us:

Team Growth

Our team has grown to over 60 professionals spread across 23 countries worldwide. You have met some of the team members across various offline events, webinars, and podcasts.

We’re also proud to maintain the gender balance at N.Rich: 59% of men and 41% of women in the entire organization, and the proportion stays the same for the leadership roles as well.

Product Updates

Here are the key updates tailored to make customer experience even more enjoyable:


This feature includes workflows for every use case for marketing and sales leaders: ICP scoring, Intent, CRM Sync, and Retargeting Website visitors and those who engage with your ABM ads. It became our users’ favorite in no time.

Advanced CRM Integrations

Automated sync of company lists between N.Rich and HubSpot. In practice it means no more Excel sheets: start a workflow to synchronize HubSpot with N.Rich, and the account lists will be pushed automatically as segments to target with ad campaigns or measure buyer intent.

More Insight with CRM Stage

With the new CRM Stage information, you can now easily identify whether the accounts you discovered with N.Rich already exist in your CRM. It also means that it’ll be easier to monitor their progress through the sales pipeline in the N.Rich interface. 

Data Overhaul: More Accounts and More Data

We've expanded our account database to provide an extensive selection of company attributes and firmographic data. Now users have more choices when constructing account lists to enhance their targeting strategy. 

Intent Reports Upgrade

We've revamped how intent reports sync with segments and improved the scoring algorithm, ensuring a more refined and insightful experience. 

We also launched IntentHub, the stand-alone self-serve third-party intent data tool designed to provide invaluable insights into in-market accounts.

➡️Get more details on this year’s Product Updates here.

Certification and Recognition

First, we successfully obtained ISO 27001:2013 and 27701:2019 certifications. In practice, it signifies our organization's dedication and capability in safely managing information and our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in data security.


Secondly, we were recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Account-Based Marketing Platforms report. Notably, we are the only provider in the quadrant that is headquartered in Europe.

Case Study of the Year

We've spoken to dozens of customers this year, but one case study stood out.

Virta, the EV charging platform, generated €13 million in created pipeline and roughly €1.3 million in closed sales with the help of N.Rich. They also used our Dynamic ICP to build an ICP model increasing SDR account-to-opportunity conversion by 10X and AE opportunity win rates by 6X. As a result, sales and marketing alignment went to a whole new level: both teams are now working on the same set of high-fit target accounts and getting much better visibility into how those accounts move through the buyer journey.

Check the case study for more details and get in touch if your 2024 goals include faster pipeline generation, stronger ABM focus, and better marketing and sales alignment!

Offline Events

This year has also marked a number of face-to-face events for us. We attended a total of 16 events in 5 different countries and participated in 4 speaking engagements.

However, one that we enjoyed the most  was sharing the stage with our client, Powell Software. Beyond showcasing what our product is capable of, we offered a firsthand account of how we collaborate with clients to achieve their goals.


Each event contributed to our collective growth. The experiences, engaging discussions, and valuable connections shaped our journey this year, and we look forward to more!

State of Intent Data Study

This wrap-up won't be complete without mentioning our first State of Intent Data Study in collaboration with Driving Demand

We engaged with 56 marketing, sales, and revenue operations professionals who shared insights from their experiences and expertise to provide a detailed picture of our industry's "current state" of intent data.


We’d like to thank again all the contributors who shared their time and insights. This study has set the stage for more projects in the coming year as we continue to explore and elevate the transformative impact of intent data in our industry.

Here’s to a brighter 2024!

We at N.Rich glance at 2023 with joy and pride: it's been filled with growth, celebration, and product advancements for us.

We remain dedicated to pushing boundaries, driving innovation, and supporting clients in the best way we can in the upcoming 2024 🥂

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