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Generate awareness among the most high-value accounts. Activate the entire buying committee by using personalized programmatic ABM, Google & Linkedin. Make the sales process more scalable and predictable with transparent touchpoint visualization and opportunity analysis.

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N.Rich provides a real-time look into our customer viewing behaviors and allows us to act with urgency to reach out to customers to drive funnel performance. Best of all, N.Rich connects with our platform to allow us to truly realize the ROI benefits.

Matthew Smith

Solutions Marketing Director, Patient Monitoring & Clinical Software, GE Healthcare

Generate Awareness Among High-Value Accounts

For healthcare companies, getting buyers to adopt and test a new solution can be very hard and requires a lot of trust. This is why establishing and building awareness among the target accounts is paramount.

N.Rich ABM Advertising platform allows healthcare companies to run advertising campaigns aimed exclusively at the accounts that fit the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) criteria. No spray & pray, no low-quality leads, no wasted spend - you'll determine which companies should see your ad from the very beginning.

Our customers have seen:


Shorter sales cycle


Higher win rate


Better sales velocity

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Activate The Entire Buying Committee

The typical sales cycle in healthcare is between 9 months and 1 year. Selling to a large organization means talking to many different stakeholders: from clinicians and legal staff to financial executives and C-level. With N.Rich ABM Advertising platform, you'll be able to engage the entire buying committee using various channels:

- Personalized programmatic ABM
- Google Display
- Linkedin Ads integration for retargeting


Transparent Touchpoint Visualization

Make the sales process more scalable and predictable with intuitive opportunity analysis.

"It took us 4 months to close this deal, how do we understand the impact of ABM?"

  • See advertising engagement mapped to buyer journey stages in one graph
  • Track banner clicks, video views, and native article reads
  • Justify advertising investments
opportunity attribution

N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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