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Markus Stahlberg

June 03, 2024

~2 min

N.Rich Joins the Celebration of Pride Month

This year we at N.Rich have decided to join the celebration of Pride Month.

We’re a diverse team of people from 24+ countries, so the values of Diversity and Inclusion are integral to our successful operations. By joining the celebration we first and foremost want to reiterate to the internal team that a safe working space is the ultimate priority at N.Rich. We encourage them all to be your authentic selves at work regardless of your gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.

Throughout June, we will display our logo in the pride colors on Slack as a reminder to be welcoming and respectful of each other, not just this month, but all year round. After all, creating a safe working space is not just about the statements but rather about the daily actions and choices of each and everyone on the team.

We will also update the logo on our LinkedIn page and our website. We consider that to be a great opportunity to reinstate our values for the potential job applicants strengthening the team with those who share them and also, to potential clients, shaping the environment around the company and product accordingly. 

Happy Pride!

Markus Stahlberg, 

CEO & Co-founder at N.Rich

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