Are you interested in Account Based Marketing? Natify ABM™ is a bundle of solutions that help you deliver and optimise world class ABM programs with engagement based pricing.

Are you interested in distributing your content programmatically? Natify Sponsored Content™ reaches 98% of commercial websites globally with sophisticated features for retargeting and audience management.

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Manage all your B2B ad audiences in one place.

From account level cookie management to long term impact verification, N.RICH helps enterprises to identify most potential accounts for new business.


ABM with Google and Facebook

N.RICH adds account based targeting directly to the world's best ad-buying platforms. Only with N.RICH you can buy ABM advertising with Cost-Per-Click (CPC) using your own account with no intermediaries.


Verify Marketing Influence

N.RICH real time reporting verifies marketing influence to all sales opportunities even without any identified leads. 


Full Funnel Advertising

With N.RICH data integrations you can target ads on account and person level throughout the funnel: high impact awareness, account based remarketing, lead nurturing and sales opportunity acceleration. N.RICH integrates to Salesforce, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and Hubspot



Verify Impact

Automatically combine data from the entire funnel to customisable dashboards.

No Ad Spamming 

Optimise targeting based on realised engagement content interests of the decision makers.

Optimise Budget

Verify account level advertising impact to every created CRM opportunity and won deal.

Don't Pay for Noise

Target your ads to high-value accounts and influencers on Google and Facebook.

Avoid GDPR issues

Full GDPR compliance with end-to-end pseudonymised data and opt-out functionality.

B2B Analytics

Company level behaviour data from media, website and marketing automation system.




N.RICH Audience Platform is designed for B2B Enterprises with a complex sales process typically with 100M€+ annual revenue, 100K€+ average deal size, and 1M€+ media spend.