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ABM Platform for High Click Volume

Maximize clicks from named accounts with cookie-based ABM targeting – not driven by IP-addresses or emails.

Some of N.Rich Happy Customers

Can you report 1000+ measurable monthly clicks from target accounts? N.Rich helps you boost ABM click volume by 10-20x.

Easy To Use ABM Automation For Enterprises

  • Account-Based Advertising
  • Website
  • Revenue
  • Security Certified
    Data Integrations
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    High Click Volume
    N.Rich ABM-Responsive Ads deliver target account clicks at scale.
    Cookie-based Targeting
    Not based on first-generation ABM with IP-address targeting or email imports.
    Risk-free Trial
    Get a predictably high volume of clicks and show the business value of ABM.
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    Increase Content Conversions
    Increase website content conversions and show more influence to sales revenue.
    CRM Based Recommendations
    Personalise recommendations using CRM data instead of generic averages.
    No IT overheads
    CMS agnostic easy-to-install responsive recommendation widget.
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    Increase Marketing ROI
    Expand the impact of marketing beyond leads to advertising, content, website, and marketing automation.
    Opportunity Attribution
    Show results in CRM as marketing influenced sales opportunities.
    Lead To Account Mapping
    Map leads to accounts and attribute engagement to sales opportunities.
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    Integrations to all key platforms
    Integrate securely with Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics, Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo and Hubspot.
    CRM Data Driven Workflows
    Transform Sales and Marketing alignment with a holistic top-to-bottom dataset
    Streamline Operations
    Real-time connections improve processes and lower costs of manual work.

Solve the problem of low ABM click volume. N.Rich delivers high-level predictable results.

How Can N.Rich Help With ABM Challenges?

High Volume Of ABM Clicks
You can expect N.Rich ABM to at least double your website visitor volume from targeted accounts.
Avoid ABM Investment Risk
N.Rich provides a predictably high volume of named account clicks – no risk of underperformance.
More Simple Than Others
N.Rich ABM is an easy-to-use self-service platform that does not require agencies or managed service.
N.Rich Magic Wave™: Account-Based Advertising Q3 2019 Read the ABM Platform 2019 Report and understand the value-for-money and optimal use of the most popular ABM platforms today. Download Now
N.Rich ABM Success Case A real-life case study of how a Fortune 500 enterprise transformed from lead-based to holistic ABM. This change resulted in more than $6M in marketing attributed sales opportunities within 6 months vs. control period. Download Now

N.Rich Success Story

KPIT highlights N.Rich’s revenue attribution and unique ABM capabilities for Google and Facebook.

Why do B2B Enterprise CMOs Choose N.Rich

Enterprise Cyber Security
Certified, enterprise-grade, data protection controls ensure your sensitive data is safe. These controls comply with ISO/IEC 27002.
Use Sales Data As The Basis
Use CRM data to automate your Account-Based Advertising, website personalization, and performance measurement.
Receive A High Volume Of ABM Clicks
Double your website traffic from key accounts. Generate more high-value digital touchpoints and get more impact on sales.
Self-Service With Transparency
True ABM software with an intuitive user interface. It is time to put your team in the driver’s seat with ABM.

My team can now finally show how marketing is contributing to the sales

Hanna Vesenterä, Marketing Director, Atea

My team can now finally show how marketing is contributing to the sales

Hanna Vesenterä, Marketing Director, Atea

Would you like to increase your marketing influence to 10-20% of your enterprise revenue?