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Akshay Ramdul

May 30, 2024

~2 min

Elevate Your ABM Game with N.Rich and HubSpot

Organizations using HubSpot as their CRM love N.Rich and we're thrilled to share more about this game-changing collaboration. Our bi-directional integration combines the power of account-based marketing (ABM) with the versatility of HubSpot's CRM platform, opening up a world of possibilities for B2B Marketers. 

Let's dive into the exciting capabilities that the N.Rich HubSpot Integration brings to the table:

1. N.Rich to HubSpot Account Push

Our Account Push feature is the star of the show, revolutionizing how you grow your CRM account data. With just a few clicks, you can push account segments from N.Rich directly into your HubSpot CRM. This means no more manual data entry or tedious copy-pasting – just effortless synchronization for more streamlined workflows

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Here’s a play:

Take action on high-fit accounts visiting your website.
Account lists in N.Rich can be generated from various sources including intent signals, website visits, ad engagements and much more. You can easily generate a website visitor segment and use scoring to include only high-fit accounts. The Account Segment Push feature can then push them straight into your CRM for immediate action by your sales or marketing team.

Pro tip:

You can use manual pushing to control and time the data push with your marketing and sales rituals. You can initiate the push when you are meeting with your sales team or when you want to conduct account assignment exercises. Start a meeting by saying “We have 100’s of new, high-intent accounts primed for outreach in the CRM” and you'll have your Sales team's attention.

2. Sync Your CRM Pipeline with N.Rich

You can now add and remove accounts to N.Rich based on their HubSpot deal stage. This is handy for keeping your account lists updated,  for example, keeping a customer list, a win-back list or a list of your open pipeline. You can finally say goodbye to manual updates with this feature powered by Workflows, our automation center.

Account segments created are kept in sync with your CRM data and are updated whenever a deal stage is updated, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with your prospects or customers.

Here’s a Play:

Run an ABM campaign targeting your open pipeline (on autopilot)
Target your open pipeline with ABM ads and keep your segment in sync with HubSpot by creating Worfklows that:

1. Add new accounts when opportunities are opened to your segment
2. Remove the accounts when opportunities are closed (won or lost) from your segment
This way, you don’t have to worry about which accounts are in your segment as it’s managed automatically based on your deal stages.

Pro tip:

You can use this feature to automatically populate and keep in sync tiered account segments that never overlap by moving accounts from one segment to another when their deal stage changes. For example, accounts can be moved from being in a prospect list, to an open pipeline list and to a customer list as their deal stage progresses.

3. Sync HubSpot Company-based Lists with N.Rich

We're making it easier than ever to bring your account lists in HubSpot, to N.Rich. You can now sync your Hubspot Company Lists to segments in N.Rich, changes in HubSpot will be reflected in the segment. This helps centralize the management of your account lists in HubSpot and empowers you to keep your data up-to-date across the two platforms effortlessly. This feature is also powered by Workflows, our automation center and drastically reduces the time to value when using N.Rich versus other providers.

Here’s what one of our happy customers has to say about this feature:

"It’s essential for organizations to share the same account list between their CRM and ABM platforms. Before N.Rich released its feature to sync HubSpot company-based lists, I spent hours each week doing exports and imports to try to keep the same list of accounts across both systems. This is now automated and is a huge time saver! Reliability of data is also key to me. Not having to worry about mistakes being made with Excel files and being certain that data are consistent across platforms is really key.”

Arnaud Dupuis,
Head of Marketing at Farmforce.

Here’s a play:

Having an account list/ICP list is one of the first steps towards your ABM journey. If your team is using company-based lists in HubSpot, it’s likely being used to organize target account lists or customer lists. You can easily pull those lists into N.Rich into different segments and start advertising right away to them.

Pro tip:

Create company-based lists in HubSpot based on your ABM campaign structure, so that you can just pull in your lists and start advertising or monitoring for buying intent right away. For example, if you want to run an ABM campaign to influence open opportunities, you can create the list in HubSpot and target it on N.Rich.

4. Enrich Your CRM Accounts with ABM and Intent Data

Gain valuable insights into the buying intent of your accounts by tracking their intent and engagement with your ABM ads and website. The integration can push account engagement data to your HubSpot accounts. This helps your marketing and sales team understand how much interest an account is showing in your products or solutions – all directly within your CRM.

Here’s a play:
B2B marketers selling complex products often need a combination of signals from an account to infer buying intent. You can set up intent monitoring for a list of high-value accounts and details on the intent as well as the pages and ads they interact with, will be visible in HubSpot for your sales team to prioritize the accounts and tailor their outreach for maximum impact,

Pro tip:
This feature pushes engagement data as company properties in HubSpot. This will enable you to create custom reporting to see and share all the accounts with engagement around a particular topic or location, to give your sales team the ultimate edge.


Closing thoughts from Markus Ståhlberg, CEO at N.Rich:

“Our focus on fast-growing mid-market and enterprise organizations led to us building great integration solutions for marketing teams wanting to run ABM programs at scale. I am proud of our HubSpot integration and its automation capabilities. The end result is a bi-directional integration capable of handling and automating the most complex ABM workflows and setting marketing teams up for success and efficiency.”

Ready to take your ABM program to the next level? Reach out to us for more details and a complete demo.

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