Turn Paid Media Into a Profit Center

  • Transform digital marketing from a cost center to a revenue generation engine.
  • Identify and target only best-fit accounts.
  • Engage the entire buying committee with scalable ABM ads.
  • Integrate with LinkedIn to build cost-efficient retargeting scenarios.
  • Show the clear impact on sales pipeline and revenue.

Learn how you can achieve that with N.Rich.


We Help Commercial Teams Worldwide

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Build A Revenue Generation Engine

75% of the marketing-generated pipeline is turned down by sales. It's time to switch from generating low-quality form fills to building steady marketing-sourced pipeline. Here's how you can do it with N.Rich:

Build ICP

Use N.Rich’s proprietary algorithm to determine your Ideal Customer Profile, based on the existing opportunity data from your CRM.

Identify target accounts

Build the target account lists for your digital marketing campaigns based on the ICP criteria. No more wasted spend - your creatives will be seen only by your target accounts.

Scale engagement

N.Rich has the B2B-purposed proprietary DSP that delivers advertising and content to the right accounts with higher engagement. The result? 3-4 times smaller CPE (cost per engagement) vs major ABM tools.

Provide actionable sales insights

Help sales choose the right moment to reach out with account scoring based on 1st- and 3rd-party intent data.


Boost LinkedIn Ads Performance

LinkedIn Ads lack intent data and can be expensive for businesses looking to build awareness and drive engagement. Combined with N.Rich ABM Advertising, LinkedIn Ads generate pipeline at up to 4x lower cost.

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Lars Sæbø

Marketing Director at AutoStore

N.Rich is a game-changer for us. It lets us see our market clearer and understand when customers are ready to buy, thanks to the intent signals we pick up. This means we can show our ads to the right people at the right time. It's like having a secret map that shows us where to go. Also, our marketing and sales teams are working together better than ever. Everyone's on the same page. It's making a big difference in how we reach out to potential customers and get our message across.


Samuli Ahola

Director of digital sales and marketing, Virta

We realized the value of N.Rich's ICP scoring a couple of months ago. There's no way anyone could manually calculate that type of stuff. All of a sudden N.Rich was not only a marketing tool anymore, but something that we can really use to guide our sales.

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Matthew Smith

Solutions Marketing Director, Patient Monitoring & Clinical Software, GE Healthcare

N.Rich provides a real-time look into our customer viewing behaviors and allows us to act with urgency to reach out to customers to drive funnel performance. Best of all, N.Rich connects with our Salesforce.com platform to allow us to truly realize the ROI benefits.


Nathalie Brassart

Global Paid Traffic Manager, Powell Software

We would of course recommend N.Rich to any B2B company that wants to use their marketing budgets in a more efficient way. Use the possibility of syncing with LinkedIn to build efficient retargeting scenarios.

Paid Media Impact Made Obvious

Marketing complex B2B products is never easy, especially when it comes to understanding your impact.

With N.Rich's real-time opportunity attribution, it’s now less of a challenge.

  • Track and analyze ABM advertising engagement throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Instantly understand the engagement dynamics at every stage of the buyer journey
  • Justify advertising investments
N.Rich Integrates With Your CRM And MAP