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Real-Time Opportunity Attribution

Measure revenue and pipeline impact of any campaign you are running, including top-of-the-funnel awareness. N.Rich's Opportunity Attribution is designed for marketers who see value in strategic account engagement vs. mere lead generation.


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N.Rich's account-based attribution was a real door opener to a whole new discussion between sales and marketing in our company. We started measuring things in EUR and showing that we help sales create more pipeline. Because when you talk with sales it needs to be about EUR or dollars or Swedish kronor, not clicks or blog posts.

Samuli Ahola

Director of digital sales and marketing, Virta

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Track ROI Of Account-Based Campaigns

N.Rich automatically attributes any engagement from the selected account before the opportunity was created and tracks pipeline acceleration after the opportunity was created. This provides a clear ROI in terms of pipeline or won value for each and every campaign you run on N.Rich and allows comparing the impact to other ad channels and organic traffic on your website.

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Go Beyond Form Fills

Typically the only way to measure the actual revenue impact of ad spend is to generate form fills.

This causes many marketers to resort to vanity metrics or even worse turn every campaign into form-fill-based lead generation. N.Rich helps skip the form-fill step by enabling account-level attribution directly to the opportunity data in CRM.
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Product-Level Attribution

If you advertise multiple products, attribution is becoming a daunting task. How do you know which engagement and campaign influenced an opportunity related to a specific product? N.Rich solves this by enabling product-level opportunity attribution. Each ad is labeled with one or more product names and the engagement with the specific ad gets only attributed to opportunities related to the same product.

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N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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