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N.Rich B2B DSP™ delivers scalable ABM advertising performance that beats any other channel available, including Linkedin. This means lower CPC and CPE and more engagement from the buying committees of your most valuable accounts.
N.Rich DSP is designed to be easy to use - get your campaigns running in minutes without a need to involve a team of designers and writers.

Don’t take our word for it: if the advertising performance doesn’t meet expectations, get your money back. Schedule a call with us to know more.


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We generated €13 million in created pipeline and roughly €1.3 million in closed sales influenced by our ABM campaigns run through N.Rich.

Samuli Ahola

Director of digital sales and marketing, Virta

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Engage the Entire Buying Committee

N.Rich is the only company offering a purpose-built B2B Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) for Account-Based programmatic advertising. Other providers use white-label or customized B2C DSPs not optimized for B2B needs.

What’s in it for you?
- Billions of data points captured weekly
- Maximized engagement from the target accounts’ buying committees across over 5000 websites, besides social networks
- AI-based optimization ensures maximum engagement level during long B2B sales cycles


Goodbye Impressions, Welcome Engagement

In N.Rich B2B DSP™ , the primary metric is engagement, which means the end user raising their hand and signaling, “I’m interested!”.

Engagement is measured in real-time and comes in the form of:
- Website visits
- Clicks
- Video views
- Text reads

Many providers still use impressions as the primary metric for account-based advertising performance. In today’s world the value of impressions is truly questionable considering banner blindness, below-the-fold distribution and ad fraud. Moreover, even if the end-user happens to notice your ad, you have no idea whether this person is the janitor or the CEO of the company.

With N.Rich, the engagement comes exclusively from people who are actively interested in your content.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 15.40.00 (2)

The pre-opportunity ad views build a knowledge base of our products or offerings, and the post-opportunity views serve to reinforce product features. One recent campaign has seen a 50% increase in total funnel opportunity value from campaign week 4 to campaign week 8.

Matthew Smith

Solutions Marketing Director, Patient Monitoring & Clinical Software, GE Healthcare

Low Cost Per Engagement. Better ROI.

N.Rich CPC and CPE rates are the lowest in the industry, typically less than $2 per click or engagement. Such a low cost is enabled through the N.Rich B2B DSP™ combining its B2B optimization capabilities with the algorithms of Google Display Network utilizing the image+text cross-channel ad format and standard image display.


Average CPC (CPE): N.Rich


Average CPC: other ABM vendors


Average CPC: LinkedIn

cpe vs cpm

Privacy And Brand Safety First

N.Rich is a fully GDPR and CCPA-compliant, privacy-first solution. One of the first ad platforms to join IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF ID 20) that ensures GDPR compliance for programmatic advertising.

N.Rich is fully consent-based for utilizing cookies as well as for creating personalized ad profiles and selecting personalized ads.

Brand safety, on the other hand, comes through the safeguards on multiple levels that ensure the ads will never be shown next to non-brand-safe content.

Brand Safety First

Transparent Analytics And Attribution

N.Rich provides full account-level and user-level analytics, throughout the account's buyer journey.

Get a full view of the advertising performance in real-time, account-level engagement and behavior as well as attribution of your advertising investment to sales opportunities and revenue.
opportunity attribution

N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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