Become the Top Choice
of Your ICP - Even Before
They’re Ready to Buy

95% of your target buyers are not in-market for your solution. Sooner or later most of them will be though. What you have to do is ensure they learn about your brand long before that - and show the impact of your efforts on pipeline and revenue.

Learn how you can achieve that with N.Rich.


Identify High-velocity ICP Accounts

Identify and prioritize accounts to go after with a synced sales and marketing approach: 

  • Specify your ICP parameters or connect your CRM
  • Get account lists that fit your ICP
  • Determine each account's buyer journey stage using first-party and third-party intent signals
  • Have a unified and scored account list to work on jointly with sales and operations.
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Target Your ICP With Zero Irrelevant Ad Spend

CMO-Efficient Reporting on Your Initiatives

Run strategic awareness campaigns to stay top of mind of your ideal buyers:

  • Target only the companies that fit your ICP
  • Spend your budgets wisely
  • Notify sales through email, Slack, or CRM about accounts that demonstrate surging intent.

Align Sales And Marketing On The Right Metrics

Bridge both team’s efforts:

  • Identify the hottest a.k.a. in-market accounts
  • Provide Sales with more context on those: location, competitive intent etc.
  • Get daily notifications on the ad engagement on Slack or by email
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Track Pipeline Impact Clearly 

Get your efforts directly attributed to revenue:

  • Number of opportunities influenced: Pre-opportunity and post-opportunity touches
  • Pipeline value of open, lost, closed won deals
  • Account-level insights into the types of content that triggered the most engagement
  • ICP vs non-ICP accounts performance in terms of pipeline velocity

N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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