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N.Rich For Manufacturers

Simplify complex buyer journeys. Disrupt established processes and stand out quickly with scalable ABM advertising, intent data and opportunity analytics. Identify the accounts that are most likely to buy, engage them at scale and drive buyer intent.

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Specify Your Targeting Down To Company Level

High customer acquisition cost, narrow market segments, long sales cycles (102 days as of 2022) - all those factors make selling to manufacturing companies a real challenge.

You can't afford spray&pray or multiple A/B tests. You don't have dozens of new feature updates to promote. You need a solid understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile + a target account list to run laser-focused marketing activities.

N.Rich is your go-to tool for this.


Activate The Entire Buying Committee

Selling to a large organization means talking to many different stakeholders. With N.Rich ABM Advertising and Intent Data platform, you'll be able to engage the entire buying committee using various channels:

- Personalized programmatic ABM
- Google Display
- Linkedin Ads integration for retargeting


Transparent Touchpoint Visualization

Make the sales process more scalable and predictable with intuitive opportunity analysis.

"It took us 4 months to close this deal, how do we understand the impact of ABM?"

  • See advertising engagement mapped to buyer journey stages in one graph
  • Track banner clicks, video views, and native article reads
  • Justify advertising investments
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N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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