NFON UK Signs New Resellers Using N.Rich Intent Data

“With intent reports, you're not chasing shadows all the time, which is what you do a lot with raw data, with standard lead generation. With intent data we are now able to identify potential new customers in a very, very competitive market space.”

Chris Selby-Rickards, Marketing Director at NFON UK

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Landed 8 new resellers

“When you know that somebody is actively engaged with you and you know what they're looking for, you can tailor the start of a conversation. And the propensity for you to close a sale or convert somebody who's looking to a customer is going to be much higher. So intent reports have proven absolutely invaluable for us.”

Chris Selby-Rickards

Marketing Director at UK NFON

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Easy-to-use, cost-effective tool


Before considering an ABM solution, NFON UK had several challenges:

Attracting new resellers. NFON is a channel business that relies on resellers extensively. Finding new partners is key to expanding the user base and growing revenue.

Understanding who's in-market. Instead of "chasing shadows" the team wanted to streamline the costs and the time of sales reps by identifying potential resellers who were already in-market for solutions like NFON. 

Wiser budget allocation. The NFON team was looking for a solution that wouldn't require many resources for set-up and management, with the highly involved and proactive support team.


What Changed With N.Rich

NFON started using N.Rich about 7 months ago. During that period, N.Rich has become extremely important for their sales and marketing strategy. A tool that is invaluable to NFON's operation.

people_audience_regular 400 high-intent resellers identified, 8 signed

“We've been able to generate about 400 interested partners that have reached a high intent score. And in the last six months, we've been able to sign 8 new partners from the data that we collected through N.Rich. That's a fantastic result. Each of those 8 partners will generate a certain number of sales per year and that's revenue for NFON. So with regards to ROI, it's absolutely on point with what our forecasts were and what we wanted.”


“We rely heavily on intent data scoring. We are able to see people who are out looking for different keywords. Also, being able to see how much somebody is engaging with you or your content is very important because it helps you streamline your costs and your time. You can tailor the start of a conversation, which means that actually the response and the end result of that conversation are much more likely to be positive.”


“It's a very cost-effective tool. You're not spending lots and lots of time and money searching. You see that, let’s say, these ten people are looking at your blog every day or they're downloading a white paper or things like that. So you can really streamline your marketing efforts, which frees up your time and your budgets to do different things. Every month we had loads of money left over and we were like - hang on, how can we have so much left over when we've been getting so much information back?”


“An analogy could be if you were trying to date somebody. You could walk up to somebody in a bar and ask them out - and who knows? But if you actually knew somebody was interested in you and then you liked them, there would probably be a higher chance that you might end up going on a date with them. That’s what intent is.”

Chris Selby-Rickards

Marketing Director, UK NFON

About The Company

NFON is a European cloud business communication provider

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