Target Your Spot-on ICP

Identify, target and engage your ICP with personalized account-based campaigns. Gain insights into your target accounts’ behavior, including ad engagement and website visits, to build custom scenarios and improve conversion. Push account segments to LinkedIn for efficient retargeting.

Learn how you can achieve that with N.Rich.


Zero Spend on Irrelevant Target Accounts

As a demand generation leader, you want to be sure you’re targeting only the right companies.

N.Rich helps you do just that:

  • Input your ICP parameters
  • Build account lists that fit your ICP
  • Determine buyer journey stages of your ICP accounts using first-party and third-party intent signals
  • Run targeted campaigns using ABM Advertising

Account-Level Engagement Insights

Build efficient marketing and sales workflows to know which of your ICP accounts are ready to buy and engage them with personalized messaging.


Capture early engagement signals from your target accounts:

  • Ad clicks
  • Video views
  • Native article reads
  • Website visits

Improved LinkedIn Ads Performance

Running cold campaigns on LinkedIn is expensive. Instead, as a media budget holder, you want to optimize your ad spend by running your awareness campaigns through programmatic display ads:

  • 3x lower cost per engagement (CPE)
  • Reach outside of LinkedIn
  • Detailed engagement stats at the account

N.Rich integration with LinkedIn Ads allows you to push engaged accounts as LinkedIn matched audiences and build automated retargeting scenarios.

Matched audiences are updated daily.


Visible Impact On Pipeline

N.Rich’s account-level analytics allows marketers to show their impact on pipeline and revenue with the highest level of detail possible.

Analyze pre- and post-opportunity touches, see the exact assets that drove engagement and the pages visited by your ICP before they became hand-raisers.

Get your seat at the revenue table by tying engagements to closed won deals.


N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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