Drive Pipeline Uplift,
Not Form Fills

Deliver relevant content to accounts that are most wanted by sales, with predictable pipeline impact. Uncover engagement insights beyond impressions and form fills to inform a streamlined sales & marketing strategy.

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Boost Conversion. Eliminate Wasted Spend.

Sales turning down marketing leads as low-quality ones but complaining about poor results with cold emailing? That’s what misalignment looks like in most organizations.
Luckily, demand gen teams equipped with N.Rich can streamline this process:

  • Focus on the right accounts from the very beginning

  • Fuel pipeline with new accounts that demonstrate intent toward your product or niche

  • Deliver relevant and personalized content to every member of your target account’s buying committee

  • Prioritize marketing and outreach efforts based on the intent demonstrated by target accounts.

    The result?


    Ad Spend


    Conversion rate


    Sales and marketing alignment

  • intent reports1

    Report Transparently On Your Impact

    Demand gen isn’t only about form fills. By optimizing for leads, you miss out on a huge volume of actionable insights.
    N.Rich’s account-based analytics and opportunity attribution allow you to track multiple valuable metrics at the account level. The best part? You can access all of those metrics in your CRM.

    scalability Intent Score

    the level of intent towards your product, service or niche demonstrated by accounts you work with.


    every engagement generated by your ABM campaigns, be it watching a video, clicking a banner or reading your article.


    how much more revenue the accounts influenced by your campaigns generate in a given timeframe


    All GTM Features Under One Roof card icon
    ICP Creation

    Identify and focus on the right accounts from the very top of the funnel card icon
    Intent Data

    Score and prioritize accounts for any marketing activities based on 1st- and 3rd-party intent card icon
    Audience Builder

    Create TAM (Target Addressable Market) lists in minutes based on technographic and firmographic data card icon
    ABM Advertising Platform

    Proactively generate buyer intent with account-based advertising card icon
    Opportunity Attribution

    Track every target account engagement that drove to conversion card icon
    CRM Integrations

    Push all the valuable data to your CRM for quick and efficient marketing & sales alignment

    N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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