Virta Success Story: 10X Account-To-Opportunity Conversion With N.Rich

“We realized the value of N.Rich's ICP sales velocity scoring a couple of months ago. There's no way that anyone could manually be calculating that type of stuff. All of a sudden N.Rich was not only a marketing tool anymore, but something that we can really use to guide our sales.”

Samuli Ahola, Director of Digital Sales and Marketing, Virta

Top Results

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Built an ICP model increasing SDR account-to-opportunity conversion by 10X and AE opportunity win rates by 6X
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Improved sales & marketing alignment by pushing buyer intent and engagement insights through CRM and building a unified lead scoring model
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€13 million in created pipeline and roughly €1.3 million in closed sales influenced by ABM campaigns run through N.Rich

"We were looking for a solution that fits our budget, integrates with HubSpot, and is also really European-focused. We were ultimately narrowed down to Terminus and N.Rich. But N.Rich offered us a smaller price tag and better capacity to work within Europe."

Samuli Ahola

Director of Digital Sales and Marketing, Virta

Key Decision Factors

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Solution that fits the budget
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Europe-focused platform with great European IP data
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Integrated with HubSpot


Before considering an ABM solution, Virta had several challenges related to the ICP definition, targeting precision, and lead scoring:

Proper Ideal Customer Profile definition. “I would say that we had an idea of what our ICP looks like and it was terrible. We were more or less targeting random companies instead of putting all of our efforts into ICP type of companies. I think from our perspective we weren’t aware of the value of the ICP sales velocity scoring.”

Targeting precision. “We had been doing a lot of Google advertising, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so forth, but we were actually lacking the capacity to get in front of the companies that had not yet heard from us.”

Lead prioritization and lack of sales & marketing alignment. “We were getting more leads than we could actually handle, which led to some issues for SDRs and sales executives. It wasn’t anymore about the number of leads, but it was actually about prioritization of our time.”


What Changed With N.Rich

Virta started using N.Rich a year and a half ago, in the initial 6-month period they had to learn and adapt but the results followed. The first six months were a training period, and it took some time until they internally learned to better align their marketing operations with sales, which was really the key.

people_audience_regular Built an ICP model that is used across marketing, sales, CS, and even product departments

"There is a potential for 10x more pipeline created and 6x more closed deals for the high-velocity companies compared to the low ones. Sales velocity is one of the best metrics to measure where the sales are effective and where they’re not. Now we have this data point that we can easily integrate and basically enrich our whole database with scoring. That actually gives you a prediction of how your sales have been doing with these types of companies in the past.”


“HubSpot integration enabled us to transfer the data automatically back and forth. That has made the experience with N.Rich much better because the data transfer is so much easier now. Much less manual work, much less Excel. If the data lives on some other platform that most of the marketing operates on and then sends one e-mail a week, nothing is going to happen.”


“Results are really good. We generated €13 million in created pipeline and roughly €1.3 million in closed sales influenced by ABM campaigns run through N.Rich. Account-based advertising definitely has an impact especially when you have this joint effort between sales and marketing. That is when you know exactly which companies you're going after.”


“We're going to be digging much deeper into the ICP profile. We are going to have the product team and the CSM team involved. And then we would be able to identify a sort of 360 ICP profile. I think that is going to be a real sweet spot for marketing, product, and customer success.”

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“We've been really, really happy with the flexibility of N.Rich. I have a feeling that we have been listened to, and we can see a lot of our requests in action already.
Just 10 out of 10 for that.”

Samuli Ahola

Director of Digital Sales and Marketing, Virta

About The Company

Virta is the electric vehicle charging platform

Industry: EV charging / Hardware, Software, Payments
Revenue: 50-100M€
Funding: 30M€ - Series B & Private Equity

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