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CRM, MAS & LinkedIn Integrations

CRM should be the backbone of all your revenue data. This is why N.Rich provides extensive integrations to the most popular CRM systems. Moreover, N.Rich enables utilizing engagement data from Marketing Automation for intent scoring and creating powerful workflows with advertising platforms like LinkedIn.


To truly appreciate the power behind the N.Rich platform, make sure that you can connect N.Rich to your CRM platform. For us, the integration with Salesforce.com is the difference maker. To be able to show our senior-most executives who is interacting with our content in real-time is a powerful tool.

Matthew Smith

Solutions Marketing Director, Patient Monitoring & Clinical Software


The N.RICH integration with SalesForce, Marketo and our web site allows me to track visitors in our internal database and see all the activities down to an individual ID. I would normally have to run multiple reports to see the details I can see in a single N.RICH dashboard that drills down to the details if needed.

User in Hospital & Health Care

Enterprise Company (>1000 emp.)


I am seeing better ABM adverting results compared to other platforms that I have used. It also integrates really well with our marketing automation platform (Marketo) and CRM (Salesforce). The versatile analytics with revenue attribution is very useful too.

Poonam Patel

Marketing Manager

Make It Easy For The Sales Team

The best way to break silos between sales and marketing? Make it super easy for the sales to access valuable marketing data. N.Rich enables pushing all your relevant data in an easily accessible format to the CRM. Sales will never have to log into N.Rich to get access to intent data, engagement data or ICP data.

N.Rich CRM integration is easy to set up through a simple API user authentication.


Scale LinkedIn Ads Performance

Linkedin has extensive targeting capabilities and access to a huge relevant B2B audience compared to account-based programmatic advertising. However, it doesn’t have intent data capabilities and doesn’t allow transparent 1st-party data utilization.

N.Rich enables integrating account segments, dynamic and static, directly to Linkedin as matched audiences.
- Generate initial engagement at a lower cost with N.Rich ABM ads

- Build retargeting campaigns on LinkedIn in a few clicks using N.Rich + LinkedIn Ads integration
- Drive more LinkedIn conversions in less time by targeting accounts with proven intent

powell software

We would of course recommend N.Rich to any B2B company that wants to use their marketing budgets in a more efficient way. Use the possibility of syncing with LinkedIn to build efficient retargeting scenarios.

Nathalie Brassart

Global Paid Traffic Manager, Powell Software

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Focused On Security And Privacy

N.Rich complies with the ISO 27001 information security standard that ensures all your data is stored and processed securely at all times. N.Rich is also fully GDPR and CCPA-compliant making sure that personal data is always processed based on a valid legal basis. We're used to information security and privacy reviews of our client’s InfoSec teams, and we always prioritize answering clients' questionnaires.


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