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N.Rich For Cyber Security

Identify companies that are expected to convert better and faster instead of selling to everyone. Build awareness about cybersec threats and generate buyer intent proactively with ABM advertising. Choose an ABM platform with a shorter payback period to justify your investments quicker and easier.

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Focus On The Right Accounts

Identify the companies that are expected to convert better and faster instead of selling to everyone. N.Rich's data-driven ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) builder uses the only reliable data source there is: current and historical opportunity data in your own CRM. The opportunities are evaluated and scored in terms of the main sales velocity metrics:

- Win rate
- Average deal size
- Sales cycle length

Using its proprietary advanced industry classification, N.Rich identifies and suggests the most perspective companies to include on your TAL (target account list).


Raise Awareness With Scalable ABM Ads

Informing people about cyber threats is one of the top challenges for cybersecurity companies.
Turn the latent need into demand with easy to set up and scalable ABM ads.

- Engagement-focused technology ensures lower CPC
- Create ads in minutes, no designers needed
- Distribute across over 5000 relevant websites
- CRM and LinkedIn Ads integrations available

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Shortest Payback Period

N.Rich users report on at least 2x shorter payback period compared to major account-based GTM platforms. Here’s how we ensure faster payback:

money Cost

The first and only reason our pricing is public for everyone? We’re just sure it’s the best value for money.


N.Rich is recognized by G2 users as the easiest tool to set up and admin in the category. An average setup and launch time is 10 working days.


Instead of just passively capturing intent, N.Rich drives target account engagement at scale with its account-based advertising capabilities.


We use CPE (cost per engagement) model to optimize for engagement, not impressions.


Our customer support is rated the highest in the category by G2 users.

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N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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