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Move from “growth at all costs” and “spray and pray” to targeting the right accounts and proactively driving buyer intent. Connect the dots in a sea of data with intuitive revenue attribution. Expand to new markets with less risk using intent data and laser-precise ABM advertising.

We Help Commercial Teams Worldwide

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We chose N.Rich mainly for its powerful ABM advertising tool that allows us to target more relevant audiences with the most relevant content, based on intent segmentation.
The key decision factor was the very easy-to-use tool and all the analytics modules that give useful insights, especially on hot accounts.

Nathalie Brassart

Global Paid Traffic Manager, Powell Software

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Target Accounts With High Propensity To Buy

The need for new software arises quickly and usually has to be satisfied as soon as possible.

N.Rich allows you to identify companies that are in-market for your solution and convert them to customers.

In order to focus you on the right prospects, N.Rich:
- Analyzes existing closed won deals and builds a data-driven ideal customer profile
- Generates engagement from companies that fit the ICP
- Helps you shorten the sales cycle by equipping sales with actionable insights
- Provides transparent reporting on every target account.

Our customers have seen:


Shorter sales cycle


Higher win rate


Better sales velocity

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Show Path To Profitability
With Account-Based GTM card icon
ICP Creation

Identify and focus on the right accounts from the very top of the funnel card icon
Intent Data

Score and prioritize accounts for any marketing activities based on 1st- and 3rd-party intent card icon
Audience Builder

Create TAM (Target Addressable Market) lists in minutes based on technographic and firmographic data card icon
ABM Advertising Platform

Proactively generate buyer intent with account-based advertising card icon
Opportunity Attribution

Track every target account engagement that drove to conversion card icon
CRM Integrations

Push all the valuable data to your CRM for quick and efficient marketing & sales alignment

Shortest Payback Period

N.Rich users report on at least 2x shorter payback period compared to major account-based GTM platforms. Here’s how we ensure faster payback:

money Cost

The first and only reason our pricing is public for everyone? We’re just sure it’s the best value for money.


N.Rich is recognized by G2 users as the easiest tool to set up and admin in the category. An average setup and launch time is 10 working days.


Instead of just passively capturing intent, N.Rich drives target account engagement at scale with its account-based advertising capabilities.


We use CPE (cost per engagement) model to optimize for engagement, not impressions.


Our customer support is rated the highest in the category by G2 users.

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N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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