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Akshay Ramdul

July 02, 2024

~2 min

N.Rich Launches Aurora, an AI Ad assistant for crafting ABM Ads

HELSINKI — July 2, 2024 — N.Rich, the leading European Account-Based Go-to-Market Platform, has launched Aurora, a new ally for B2B marketers in crafting winning ABM ads.

Content creation can be challenging and costly, especially for organisations in specialized markets due to complex terminology and ever-evolving regulatory requirements. 

Aurora is here to accelerate one’s Ad Campaign Creation Process and help overcome the above challenges with AI-generated Content.

Some of the major use cases include the following: 

  • Creating up to 375 ad variations for each value proposition and overcoming the creative block
  • Creating custom industry-, persona- or solution-specific copies for one’s ICP
  • Localising multiple copy options within seconds for specific markets
  • Guaranteeing consistency in messaging and cohesive Tone of voice in all ads
  • Accelerating A/B tests for one's Ads by faster production loops

Aurora is now available in the N.Rich ABM platform and customers can train it to produce content tailored to specific personas, products, business verticals, market segments or buying stages. 

The AI Assistant can produce high-performing ad variants for complex products and solutions. This cutting-edge tool has already proven its value to one of N.Rich’s long-standing customers, a $19B multinational medical technology company.. Their results demonstrated that Aurora’s content outperformed and was twice as effective in terms of click-through rates than the human-made options. The content also passed regulatory requirements without a hitch.

“We’re passionate about the possibilities AI offers to our industry and have been using it in various parts of our Platform for some time now. With this launch we’re taking it further and enabling our customers to generate more diverse, relevant and effective advertising content for their ICP without incurring extra agency fees,” - Markus Stahlberg, CEO & Co-founder at N.Rich.

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About N.Rich 

N.Rich is a Helsinki, Finland headquartered company developing the Account-Based Go-to-Market Platform best suited for fast-growing mid-market and enterprise companies.

Customers across various industries use N.Rich to reach their revenue goals by discovering and engaging with enterprise buyers over long sales cycles. By combining intent data, predictive analytics and strong advertising capabilities, N.Rich provides the complete solution to drive growth for modern B2B teams from fast-growing technology companies to Fortune-500 enterprises.

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