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Thanks to the past 10 years of intensive product and customer development, N.Rich has earned the position of the leading European ABM Platform serving customers locally, as well as in the US and APAC.

Our headquarters is in the land of Northern Lights, Finland, and our distributed international team is able to serve customers across the globe. We’re 60+ people spread across 23 countries.

Trusted by European and global B2B brands


It's been quite a journey

From launching in 2015 as a native article ad provider to being featured among the leading ABM platforms in 2023 - here's what made N.Rich the go-to tool for hundreds of B2B brands worldwide.


Why customers choose us

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Easy & fast to implement

Our product and service offerings have been developed to provide a low barrier to initial adoption for ABM for enterprises and fast growing companies. Instead of a multi-month onboarding process and a complex assortment of features, we offer an operationally efficient route to get the client's entire GTM (Go-to-Market) team working on the most important ABM capabilities and processes in almost no time.

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Pipeline boost instead of form fills

Instead of delivering form-fills, our clients measure success by attributing marketing engagement to sales pipeline and actual revenue. This answers how the ABM investment increases conversion to opportunities, shortens the sales cycle, and increases deal size and win-rate. This provides the marketing team with a real-time board-level view of how various campaigns, from awareness to sales air-cover, actually influence actual revenue and the pipeline.

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B2B-focused ad tech

N.Rich's global ABM advertising product powered by our proprietary DSP easily scales from small local campaigns to global ones, generating tens of thousands of clicks per month. With N.Rich, you have access to the most crucial capabilities for rolling out ABM to your entire GTM team. These capabilities include extensive third-party and first-party intent data with predictive capabilities, as well as dynamic Ideal Customer Profile based on your sales data.

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Strategic support

Adopting ABM often entails painful change processes from marketing, sales, and operations, but we stand by our clients to proactively support the change management process. As the only provider in the market with truly transparent pricing, we offer clients a low cost of ownership without unexpected additional costs after signing up. Being an emerging provider, we provide the kind of flexibility to adapt our product roadmap to our customer’s needs that will never be possible with our behemoth rivals.

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European by heart, global by nature

European clients love us for a reason: no other provider can offer such built-in compliance with GDPR and support from a service-ready local team. As for its US clients, N.Rich offers a robust alternative to the bloated local options. For Japanese clients, we are the only ABM platform to actively focusing on this market through our deep partnership with Japan’s #1 agency, Dentsu.

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Focus on data quality & privacy

ABM is all about data, which is why we have established data centres in France, US (West & East coast) and in Japan. However, regardless of the region, we adhere to the strictest (EU) data privacy requirements. Read more about our privacy standards here.

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