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Powell Software Boosts Pipeline Quality With N.Rich

“We would of course recommend N.Rich to any B2B company that wants to use their marketing budgets in a more efficient way. Use the possibility of syncing with LinkedIn to build efficient retargeting scenarios.”

Nathalie Brassart, Global Paid Traffic Manager, Powell Software

Key Decision Factors

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Intent-Based Segmentation Capabilities
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Powerful ABM Advertising Platform
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Ease Of Use
And Reporting
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We chose N.Rich mainly for its powerful ABM advertising tool that allows us to target more relevant audiences with the most relevant content, based on intent segmentation.
The key decision factor was the very easy-to-use tool and all the analytics modules that give useful insights, especially on hot accounts.

Nathalie Brassart

Global Paid Traffic Manager, Powell Software

Top Results

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Boosted lead quality and conversion rate from target verticals.
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Improved sales & marketing alignment by equipping SDRs with actionable insights on target accounts that have hot intent towards company services.
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Enhanced LinkedIn Ads performance by combining LinkedIn targeting capabilities with N.Rich intent data.

The Challenge - Improve Pipeline Quality

Before considering testing an ABM solution, Powell Software were mainly investing in Google Ads (search & display network) and Linkedin Ads.  The main challenges they were facing were:

  • Lead cost and quality. The main goal was to generate the maximum of leads, so the ads mostly led to a demo request landing page. What the team noticed then is that although having a certain amount of leads per month, the quality was not good enough to correctly serve the sales team.

  • Feedback from sales. A big portion of marketing leads was coming from too small companies, individuals like retired people or fake contacts. SDRs weren’t interested in prioritizing marketing leads.

  • Need to target different verticals. The team had many good pieces of content such as success stories from different verticals or industry-specific blog posts, and the main challenge was to distribute them to the right people at the right time. Platforms like LinkedIn allowed vertical-based and job title-based segmentation but weren’t able to provide insights regarding the level of buyer intent.

What Changed With N.Rich

money Marketing & sales alignment

Instead of just handing the leads over to sales, the marketing team is now able to equip SDRs with data that help focus on the right target accounts. For instance, the sales team now gets ‘Hot Demand’ reports, generated on a weekly basis and containing data about the exact companies showing high intent towards Powell Software’s articles, video ads or website.


Decision makers from specific verticals get targeted with relevant content. Using N.Rich account-based advertising, Powell Software can show industry-specific content, like case studies from similar companies or blog articles addressing typical industry pain points, to the buying committees of relevant companies.


LinkedIn Ads campaigns work better with N.Rich data. The team is using N.Rich to launch ABM advertising campaigns across multiple websites and networks and then retarget the accounts that show engagement through LinkedIn Ads. This approach allows them to gather audience insights and generate initial engagement at a much lower cost before launching a campaign on LinkedIn.


N.Rich is one of the crucial tools for Powell Software’s marketing strategy. During 2022, the marketing team expanded and got structured in a new way, with a mission to improve internal and cross-functional processes. One of the focus areas was the quality of the pipeline in collaboration with the sales team. Working with an ABM tool like N.Rich helped improve it dramatically - the sales team is now more motivated to work with data and leads coming from marketing.

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“After a couple of weeks running vertical campaigns on some specific types of industries, we clearly saw coming new leads via organic, direct sources or nurturing emails belonging to those sectors. The impact of the campaigns was obvious.”

Nathalie Brassart

Global Paid Traffic Manager, Powell Software

About The Company

Powell Software develops digital workplace solutions that improve the employee experience, helping companies write their own “future of work” by leveraging the talent of their entire workforce.

Industry: Software As A Service (SaaS)
Company size: 51-100 employees
Headquartered in: Paris, France

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