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Darya Krakaviak

March 13, 2024

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N.Rich Joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

HELSINKI — March 14, 2024 — N.Rich, the leading European ABM Platform developing the Account-Based Go-to-Market Platform, has been included in the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program.

The LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program helps customers find solutions to market their business on LinkedIn.

The inclusion of N.Rich in this program highlights its dedication to delivering the solutions that empower B2B companies to enhance their go-to-market strategies and drive meaningful engagement with enterprise buyers. 

The N.Rich Audience Management integration with LinkedIn Ads specifically helps companies to gain a better understanding of the buyer journey, bringing together N.Rich's intent data capabilities and LinkedIn Ads' advertising platform, build remarketing audiences without any additional tools and optimise the cost per engagement.

"We are thrilled to join the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program," says Markus Stahlberg, CEO & Co-Founder at N.Rich. "LinkedIn, being the world’s primary platform for professional networking, aligns perfectly with our mission to facilitate relevant and meaningful connections between businesses and their target ICP companies. We will continue doing just that by advancing our product further."

Learn more about how to benefit from N.Rich’s integration with LinkedIn Ads here and in the video: 


N.Rich PR Contact

Darya Krakaviak,

About N.Rich 

N.Rich is a Helsinki, Finland headquartered company developing the Account-Based Go-to-Market Platform best suited for fast-growing mid-market and enterprise companies.

Customers across various industries use N.Rich to reach their revenue goals by discovering and engaging with enterprise buyers over long sales cycles. By combining intent data, predictive analytics and strong advertising capabilities, N.Rich provides the complete solution to drive growth for modern B2B teams from fast-growing technology companies to Fortune-500 enterprises.

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