Intent Data

See how your target accounts interact with your ads and how engaged they are, even if they don’t click.


Get 1st-party data on your target accounts behaviour on your website and use it to define your ABM strategy further.


Pre-click Data

Ever wondered how people look at your ads?


Now you don’t have to any more. With our article and video programmatic ads you can track target account engagements in separate scrolling and viewed time metrics.

At N.Rich, we believe any account engagement is worth its share of attention, as long as it meets a decent threshold. This is why we only count engagements of > 50% article scrolled and at least 20s of video views.


Use It

1st party intent data is the perfect intelligence for your sales team. You can track where the intent is coming from (location) and identify key people that might fit your buyer persona criteria.


Start your engagement there and give them a little push into your sales funnel.


Intent Needs Action

At the end of the day, you want your target accounts to start commercial engagements with your sales team. Use this opportunity to deliver more relevant advertising along with a proactive effort from your sales team – you’re bound to add value to your pipeline.


Integrate your favourite tools