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Generate High-Quality Intent

Intent towards your brand (1st-party) is far more valuable than intent towards a topic or category (3rd-party). N.Rich provides a way to proactively generate intent toward your solution and brand with its purpose-built ABM Advertising platform optimized for long B2B sales cycles.


We Help Commercial Teams Worldwide


Don’t Just “Listen” to Intent, Start Generating It

Many marketers use visitor identification software as a way to unveil 1st-party intent. However, this is still a passive “listening” action. If an account is not visiting your website now, why should they visit in the future?

N.Rich is not limited to just providing data - it enables you to proactively generate engagement with your content using a purpose-built ABM advertising platform. Get relevant content in front of your most valuable buyers through third-party websites and proactively steer the target account buyer journey toward your brand and offering.


Distribute Relevant Content To High-Value Buyers

In order to generate high-quality intent toward your offering, you need to get your branded content in front of the target buyers and identify accounts who are interested in it over a period of time.

N.Rich covers the entire intent generation workflow:
- Build target account lists according to your ICP criteria
- Create cross-channel ads in minutes, no designers or writers needed
- Build segments based on firmographic data, location or intent
- Launch campaigns and generate engagement quickly
- Gain insights into the buyer journey at the account level


N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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