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Drive More High-Quality Intent Data

Intent towards your brand (1st-party) is far more valuable than intent towards a topic or category (3rd-party). N.Rich provides a way to proactively generate buyer intent toward your solution and brand with its purpose-built ABM Advertising platform optimized for long B2B sales cycles.

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N.Rich Is Trusted By The Best In B2B


Capture Buyer Intent Across The Web

■ Use a unique combination of 1st and 3rd-party intent data to uncover in-market accounts that fit your ICP
■ Define ICP with firmographic data, technographic data and interests (7K+ topics available)
■ Get 3rd-party intent data from 5K+ external B2B websites


Drive Intent, Don't Just "Listen" To It

Whether you're using N.Rich or other software, buyer intent identification is still a passive “listening” action. If an account is not visiting your website now, why should they visit in the future?

N.Rich is not limited to just providing data - it enables you to proactively generate engagement with your content using a purpose-built ABM advertising platform. Get relevant content in front of your most valuable buyers through third-party websites and proactively steer the target account buyer journey toward your brand and offering.


Distribute Relevant Content To High-Value Buyers

In order to generate high-quality intent toward your offering, you need to get your branded content in front of the target buyers and identify accounts who are interested in it over a period of time.

N.Rich covers the entire intent generation workflow:
- Build target account lists according to your ICP criteria
- Create cross-channel ads in minutes, no designers or writers needed
- Build segments based on firmographic data, location or intent
- Launch campaigns and generate engagement quickly
- Gain insights into the buyer journey at the account level

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Prioritize Accounts For Sales Outreach

With N.Rich's intent scoring, your sales team will have a clear understanding of the most active accounts to focus on, as well as the content these accounts are interacting with.
Sales reps will be able to track the prospects' intent directly in the CRM and reach out to "hot" prospects in the right time tailoring talking points according to the engagement data.


N.Rich Integrates With Your CRM And MAS

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