An ABM Platform for Performance

We tuned our platform to make ABM performance advertising a breeze. We’ve been branded as the most easy-to-use advertising platform by most of our customers.


Try it yourself, it won’t hurt – promise.



Split your target account list into actionable segments. Choose between firmographic account targeting or by account/cookie intent dynamic segmentation. You can also import an account list and create a lookalike segment based on firmographic data.


Possibilities are abundant, all up to you.


ABM Advertising

Use segmentation to split your target accounts and display relevant advertising.

The better the segmentation, the more personalization, the higher the chance to convert and build your pipeline.

Choose between article-native, Google and programmatic video display ads to deliver your content to your target audience.


Full analytics suite

Stay in control of your KPIs with a complete set of reporting metrics.


From impressions to clicks, you can drill down into individual accounts or segments and see how your campaigns are performing.


Optimize your target account list and your campaigns for maximum performance, all within the N.Rich platform.


Integrate your favourite tools