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Reveal The Buyer’s Journey With Predictive Intent Data

Buyer journey insights give you the power to personalize your outreach with ads, marketing automation emails, and sales process with ideal content for the ideal buying committee members at an ideal time.

N.Rich's AI engine uses 3rd-party and 1st-party intent data to model the buying committee behavior and provides a prediction of the buyer journey stage: Passive, In-market, Engaged, or Hot. Each of the stages calls for personalized marketing and/or sales approach.


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Define Each Account's BuyerJourney Stage, Fast

Understanding the buyer journey stage of every account in your TAM allows you to select the personalized next best actions for each account, whether it’s marketing or sales activities.

N.Rich's Predictive Intent model identifies which buyer journey stage each of your target accounts is in.

Then, you can track the account's engagements with your website or ads and identify the next best action for each account, for example:

  • Kickstart buying process with an aircover video campaign for net new accounts
  • Launch a LinkedIn Ads campaign with a holiday offer for engaged accounts
  • Share a competitor comparison brochure with hot accounts choosing between you and a competitor product

Combine 1st-Party And 3rd-Party Data

Identifying website visitors and their actions is not enough: the biggest part of the buyer actions happen on 3-rd party websites. N.Rich is the only platform that provides you with both 1st-party and 3rd-party intent data at the account level, aggregating it into an actionable Intent Score.


Monitor Intent Insights From Your CRM

One of the main challenges with new tools is ensuring people are going to take advantage of them. Nobody needs “shelfware”.

With N.Rich, you can avoid wasting your sales team’s invaluable time and serve them the data easily within the CRM. N.Rich integrates with major CRM platforms pushing the most valuable data to the account profile, including the Intent Score.

With N.Rich CRM integrations, you can:
■ Prioritize accounts for sales outreach
■ Identify talking points and sales approach through engagement insights of the account’s buying committee
■ Set up nurture campaigns for prospects at different stages
■ Assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns without leaving the CRM


100% Privacy Compliance

All the N.Rich personal data N.Rich processes are 100% consent-based and GDPR compliant. In order to provide further transparency every user can access their data on the N.Rich privacy center. N.Rich never utilizes direct personal data (e.g. name, email) without explicit consent or an existing permission Customer has, based on GDPR proof purpose of processing.

N.Rich is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and PIPEDA (Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) standards.


N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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