Sales Enablement

Even the best outbound team needs all the support they can get.


Show your frontline some love by giving them 1st party intent data both on pre-click advertising engagements and post-click behaviour patterns.


They will appreciate the high intent account data.


Believe in Your Product

The intent data technology is revolutionary, as it allows companies to catch prospects in their buying journey at the right time and place. 


When it come to intent, nothing beats 1st party intent data – literally translated as interest in your product.

ABM platforms most often show 3rd party intent data with no capabilities of delivering efficient ABM advertising capacity, a real slow-down to your  proactive efforts in your outreach campaigns.


Behaviour Statistics

Get access to engagement statistics per account, don’t rely on media and website sessions only. With our video and article ads, target account sessions interactions are reported straight into the analytics dashboard.


If you’re a Hubspot or Salesforce user, you can view these interactions in your CRM.


Reach Out to the Right Person

Besides account data we show independent cookie intent, so you can match it to a relevant person in the organisation you’re targeting.


Information like pages visited, time spent on site, location of the intent are crucial for a successful connection with a warmed up lead.


Integrate your favourite tools