Sales Velocity ICP

Careless approach to creating a data-driven Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is the most common reason for a failed outbound go-to-market strategy. N.Rich’s machine learning algorithms help you create an ICP with the maximum sales velocity based on the most important sales metrics: higher win rate, shorter sales cycle and greater deal size.


Data-driven, not gut feel-based

“Sales gave us these accounts”, “I think industry X is good for us”, “Let’s try this new vertical” – sounds familiar? Over 95% of growing B2B companies still use gut feel to define their ICP – no wonder there are so many epic GTM failures. N.Rich’s ICP algorithms use the only reliable data source there is: current and historical opportunity sales velocity metrics in your own CRM.


Homebase in CRM

The ICP is useless if it’s not adopted by both sales and marketing. This is why N.Rich updates the ICP data in real time pushing it to Salesforce and Hubspot CRM, from which the data can be used by other sales and marketing stack components, such as marketing automation, sales enablement, etc.


Real-time dynamic, not dusty

“I’m not sure, but I think our ICP was defined sometime early last year” – here’s a prescription to disaster for a fast-growing business. N.Rich Sales Velocity ICP is automatically updated when meaningful changes occur in your GTM, be it new verticals, new markets or just changes in your overall GTM motion.


Proprietary industry data

Common industry datasets have broad and outdated categorization to be useful for today’s fast-growing B2B tech-companies. This is why N.Rich’s Sales Velocity ICP algorithm uses a bespoke, machine-learning based industry classification with a taxonomy of 700+ industries enabling billions of combinations, and ensuring the maximum relevance of results.