Use Cases

Learn how you can leverage our platform to increase your advertising efficiency and empower your commercial organization. Here are some of the most common ways to use N.Rich.


Demand Generation

Launch advertising campaigns and hit your target accounts with highly personalised messaging, influencing the whole buying and adoption group to increase your chances of a positive revenue outcome.


Take advantage of native-article, programmatic video and Google display ads for maximum visibility and build your long-term pipeline with both hot leads and nurturing perspectives.


Sales Enablement

Strengthen the cooperation between Sales and Marketing with live access to 1st party intent data for the sales outreach efforts. Get detailed information on target account behavior and use it to drive engagement.


Make ABM a commercial effort and a close knit Sales and Marketing adventure to really maximize generated revenue efficiency.


Lead Attribution

Connect your CRM and use our pre-opportunity and post-opportunity influence models to report accurately on ROI.


Measure the impact of ABM advertising on your revenue pipeline and attribute the ABM marketing spend directly in the platform.


Intent Data

See how your target accounts interact with your ads and how engaged they are, even if they don’t click.


Get 1st-party data on your target accounts behavior on your website and use it to define your ABM strategy further.


Integrate your favourite tools