Sales Outreach

Use the intent data generated by ABM advertising and engage with warmed-up accounts.


The N.Rich platform allows tracking of intent source for you to match key people in the organisation with the surging intent and offers behavioural analytics to understand the engagement.


Personalise and close.


Close the Gap

Leverage your commercial organisation’s resources and align both marketing and sales teams.


ABM is the perfect ground to work together on revenue generation, whether it be new business or existing opportunities.

Build your 3rd pipeline* and close bigger, better deals.


*along-side your inbound and outbound pipelines.


Warmed Up Customers

Increase your successful outreach chances by focusing on highly engaged accounts. By influencing a range of people within your target organisation, you amplify your product penetration rate, a key metric in successfully reaching out to prospects.


Match Intent

Analyse where the engagement with your marketing content is coming from and match it to a person or a group of people in the organisation for a more relevant pitch.


Integrate your favourite tools