Content Marketing

Surely you’re creating content for your target audience, so send your target audience to the content you build for them.


Most blogs, articles, research papers or case studies remain in the dark, never to be seen.


You can change that.


Focus on Your Segments

Building an audience to your content can be tedious, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Social media is surely a good way to get your content promoted, yet it is limited to your followers or within the platform itself.


With N.Rich ads, you can display your content, whether it’s an article or a video ad, anywhere on the web where your target segments are.

With our native-article ads, you  can get premium engagement data with your content even prior to a visit to your website.


Get Valuable Feedback

Content is the most underrated pre-opportunity sales cycle influencer, because you can rarely track its effectiveness.


Pre-click content engagement statistics and end-to-end account-level tracking can now tie the content efforts directly into the sales funnel.


Build Better Content

Use the N.Rich platform to analyse behaviour statistics of your target accounts in rapport with the content you create for them.


Integrate your favourite tools