Make your clients
fall in love with ABM

ABM As-A-Service for digital agencies, made easy. Expand your offering with ABM advertising and intent data – see your clients’ results flourish.

The problem

Challenges agencies face in ABM

– Struggling to prove the value of ABM compared to traditional advertising?

– Looking to drive revenue for your clients rather than generating leads?

– Trying to make ABM campaigns more efficient but the KPIs are still hard to meet?

Whether you’re about to walk your clients through their first ABM journey or looking to improve their current results, N.Rich is here to help you.

Why us

N.Rich is your go-to ABM tool

Granular targeting

You’ll be only spending money on reaching your target accounts. No spray-and-pray.


A variety of ad formats

Generate engagement with different formats: 

– Banners

– Video ads

– [EXCLUSIVE] Full-length native articles


Drive intent, don’t just listen to it

Combine 3rd- and 1st-party data on your target accounts’ behaviour and use it to define your ABM strategy further.

Transparent analytics
Track ad engagement and content consumption on the account and individual cookie levels.
Track how many opportunities you influenced and the total pipeline value affected.
Flexible access settings
You’re free to choose how you want to manage your client’s campaigns:
– Data export without client access
– Analytics-only client access
– Full client access for joint campaign management


Rely on an A+ support team

ABM requires custom approach for every client and campaign. With N.Rich, you get the support of a professional team that will help set up, launch, optimise and scale your campaigns.

N.Rich quality of support is rated 10/10 by G2 users.

No dedicated team is needed from the agency side. We’ve got your back.


Integrate your favourite tools