Different problems require relevant solutions.


N.Rich was built from the pain points of B2B commercial organisations, addressing the problems of both sales and marketing professionals.

Performance Marketing

Strengthen the cooperation between Sales and Marketing with live access to 1st party intent data for the sales outreach efforts. Get detailed information on target account behavior and use it to drive engagement.

Make ABM a commercial effort and a close knit Sales and Marketing adventure to really maximize generated revenue efficiency.

Brand Marketing

Launch advertising campaigns and hit your target accounts with highly personalised messaging, influencing the whole buying and adoption group to increase your chances of a positive revenue outcome.

Take advantage of native-article, programmatic video and Google display ads for maximum visibility and build your long-term pipeline with both hot leads and nurturing perspectives.

Sales Outreach

Use the intent data generated by the marketing team ABM campaigns prior to engaging your target accounts.

Track the intent data source by country and analyse their behaviour.

Focus your outreach efforts on the most engaged accounts for maximum efficiency.

Content Marketing

Publish fresh content and send target account sessions to your posts, gaining direct feedback from your target audience.


Create more personalised content and be a factor of influence for future target account lead generation.

Product Marketing

Showcase new products to your audience and build awareness of your product development roadmap.


Some prospects might not know that you now offer a service or feature that you didn’t in the past. Overcome this communication barrier by advertising your new features and products to your target accounts.


We restore confidence in digital ABM advertising, where others have failed you. Here are some testimonies from our happy clients.


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