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Land Bigger, Better Opportunities

Tired of going after low-quality accounts with little to no intent to buy?
Identify best-fit accounts that fit your ICP.
Benchmark buyer intent.
Be the first to define the right time to reach out, before your competitors do.

We Help Commercial Teams Worldwide


Define Your ICP

“CEO said we should sell to unicorns”, “I think industry X is good for us”, “Let’s try this new vertical” – sounds familiar? Over 95% of growing B2B companies still use gut feel to define their ICP – no wonder there are so many epic GTM failures.

N.Rich’s machine learning algorithms help you create an ICP with the maximum sales velocity based on the most important sales metrics: higher win rate, shorter sales cycle and greater deal size.

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Know The Right Time To Reach Out

Use N.Rich intent data and sales alerts to prioritize accounts and identify the right time for outreach. With a combination of 3rd-party intent and 1st-party engagement data, you’ll never miss a hot account.

The best part? All the engagement data is available within your CRM. No learning curves.


Reach Accounts Globally

Most major ABM and intent data providers provide good quality data for the US and North America. But when it comes to the EMEA and APAC regions, they struggle to keep the bar high.

N.Rich is an EU-based provider serving 50% of its clients outside North America. We have the strongest database and targeting capabilities in EMEA and much better data for the APAC region compared to most of the major ABM tools.

N.Rich’s customer support, ranked the highest in the category by G2 users, is also available in the EU, MENA and APAC time zones.

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N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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