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Build Bulletproof
Go-To-Market Strategies

Take control of your entire go-to-market process. Build audience segments, launch highly personalized advertising campaigns, provide sales with actionable insights, and accurately measure success - all at the account level.

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Align Sales And Marketing

For a PMM, which acts as a liaison between the two departments, unifying sales and marketing processes is always a challenge.
With N.Rich, you’ll be able to set up a streamlined sales and marketing process, completely visible within your CRM.

data_pie_regular Build ICP

Use the N.Rich’s proprietary algorithm to determine your Ideal Customer Profile, based on the existing opportunity data from your CRM.


Build the target account lists that both sales and marketing will go after.


Define the value propositions to be used throughout the entire sales cycle, from awareness campaigns to detailed competitor comparisons.


Drive and reveal engagement data besides form fills. Track video views, native article reads and website visits at the account level.


Help sales choose the right moment to reach out with account scoring based on 1st- and 3rd-party intent data.

Demonstrate Your Impact

Marketing complex B2B products is never easy, especially when it comes to understanding your impact.

With N.Rich's real-time opportunity attribution, it’s now less of a challenge.

  • Track and analyze ABM advertising engagement throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Instantly understand the engagement dynamics at every stage of the buyer journey
  • Justify advertising investments
opportunity attribution

All GTM Features Under One Roof card icon
ICP Creation

Identify and focus on the right accounts from the very top of the funnel card icon
Intent Data

Score and prioritize accounts for any marketing activities based on 1st- and 3rd-party intent card icon
Audience Builder

Create TAM (Target Addressable Market) lists in minutes based on technographic and firmographic data card icon
ABM Advertising Platform

Proactively generate buyer intent with account-based advertising card icon
Opportunity Attribution

Track every target account engagement that drove to conversion card icon
CRM Integrations

Push all the valuable data to your CRM for quick and efficient marketing & sales alignment

N.Rich Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

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