Knowing what your prospects need helps in establishing deeper connections with them, which gives you a better chance at converting them into loyal paying customers. However, dealing with dozens (or even hundreds) of leads may dilute the relationship you’re fostering. 

In this article:

  • Account based marketing (ABM) processes provide you with the right data to effectively customize your sales outreach efforts.
  • Understand who your target audience is by segmenting the data you gather. 
  • Identify the key people to connect with, establish their unique need, and customize your outreach efforts accordingly.

Quality vs Quantity

If you are sending out the same template email or cold calling dozens of leads with no personalization, how will your potential customers feel? They may get tired and ignore you. Or even worse: they might generalize all sales agents as annoying and repetitive. 

If you were in your target lead’s shoes, who would you rather talk to? A sales agent who persistently calls you with an offer or a friend who listens and actually offers a solution to your problems? It’s always important to become someone they can see as warm and approachable. 

According to HubSpot, personalizing your sales outreach strategy may drive people to respond more positively to your efforts. The study says spending a bit more time customizing emails for accounts can significantly increase open rates, which may lead to improved conversion numbers. 

Personalizing emails, call templates and other means of communication will give your prospects a sense of welcome. You’ll seem more like an actual person to them instead of just another faceless corporation that is only out there for their benefit.

Understandably, you can’t spend an entire day reaching out to just one lead contact. Spending more than 30 minutes on one email for a client, for example, would limit productivity throughout the day. Salespeople can’t possibly accommodate and personalize communications with a large number of leads in a short span of time. So your team needs to identify and focus on accounts that best fit the criteria you set.

Account based marketing (ABM) efforts improve this process. With it, you can accurately pinpoint the target accounts that are basically ripe for the picking. This prevents your team from wasting time and energy in calling up or emailing thousands of unsure leads.

Track Your Buyer Activities and Intent Data

With an ABM platform in place, you’ll know which segments to monitor and focus on. You can also gather data from these areas to plan out your content and make it more engaging and valuable for your target market.  

Engage with a system that consolidates all the buyer information you need so you can cut on unnecessary spending. N.Rich’s ABM platform covers your entire marketing journey from intent data gathering to monitoring and report of your published ads. So you’ll know when your target leads are ready to engage with you. 

The N.Rich platform collates first party intent data and provides your team with the insights they need to engage more with your prospects. You capture your target market’s intention to buy, allowing you to strategize your content and approach more efficiently.

Segment Your Leads

Create segments for the data you gather. Through segmentation, you can compartmentalize accounts according to certain common factors such as:

  • Demographics – covers the age, gender, ethnicity, income, and education
  • Behavorial  – covers their actions online like shopping, purchasing, browsing, and brand loyalty
  • Geographic – pertains to their location, country, city, region, and postal code.
  • Psychographic – includes their hobbies, goals, habits, interests, beleifs, and lifestyles

Grouping your prospects like this helps you figure out where you stand in your target audience’s buying journey. With segmentation, you also identify where your prospects need help the most and step in with your solution. 

Come Up with Buyer Personas 

With the information you get from the segments you created, you can determine the type of buyer you want to serve. Creating a persona of this perfect customer will help you come up with a game plan for personalized sales outreach activities. 

The perfect customer is a niche segment of society that you want to serve. Once your persona has been determined, personalized sales messages targeted at this specific group can be created in order to get your target audience’s attention and make them more inclined about buying from you rather than someone else.

Create a Editable Templates

When you’re ready to connect with prospects, prepare an editable template for emails and call warmers. Add some touches of personalization to establish rapport with the lead you’re talking with. 

Congratulate a recent achievement in their life or share an anecdote that relates to the prospect’s current situation. Basically, become a human being that they can actually talk to. Even if you’re targeting B2B clients, you will still be dealing with people that make the decisions for the company. 

Turn the data you gather into a means to understand what your audience really needs. That way, you’ll be able to connect with key people in a more meaningful capacity.

N.Rich Improves Sales Outreach Efforts with Intent Data

N.Rich‘s ABM platform gives you the power to strengthen your data collection with accurate, crucial intent data. With this information, you will be able to pinpoint who is the best fit for what you have to offer. Then, when the time comes to engage with them (which is easier on both ends), every outreach effort can be planned out more accurately.