Making cold calls and presenting a sales pitch for key decision-makers of your target companies can get too repetitive and mundane. To capture their attention, you’ll need to re-invent your strategies and adapt trends proven to be effective. 

In this article:

  • Effective sales outreach ideas depend on the quality of your first party data. Platforms like N.Rich give users better chances of improving ROI by collecting the best first-party user data.
  • Gather substantial information from prospects with free or enticing offers.
  • Sales trends are fluid and unpredictable. It’s best to keep an eye out for new viral sales opportunities on top of gathering substantial intent data.

Gathering Data with Automation

When you establish a touchpoint with the key decision-makers of your target businesses, you get better chances of converting them into paying clients. But looking for the perfect match for your product amongst hundreds of prospects can be tricky and tedious. Fortunately, automation has made it possible to narrow down your search into a list of target leads with a high criteria score.

Platforms like N.Rich give users better chances of improving ROI by collecting the best first-party user data. And because it’s a very easy-to-use platform, you can fully control the ads you send out without additional payments. Other account-based systems like Demandbase offers extensive third-party data but you need to spend separately for advertising and campaigns on top of the platform costs.

With this data, your sales and marketing team can then come up with personalized campaigns. By creating a custom sales outreach activity, your team has a better chance to convert more target leads at a more reasonable cost.

Creative Sales Outreach Ideas

Converting key decision-makers doesn’t end at gathering substantial data from first or third-party users. It’s up to the sales team to make use of the information they receive from the marketing team and turn that into an effective outreach program. But remember, sending out templated emails to everyone single one on your list won’t give you the results you actually need. Your sales team can connect better with a target company’s key decision-makers through personalized content based on the data you’ve gathered. 

Here are five creative ways to reach out to your targeted leads.

1. Use an Engagement-Magnet Video

Gone are the days when creating videos require a ton of money and extensive team. Nowadays, anyone can take and edit a video using a phone and an app. Of course, professional videos need more creative flair and may require a more discerning eye. 

However, because of this accessibility, your team can create more personalized videos to attract the people that matter.

2. Offer Free Consultation

There’s nothing more enticing than free stuff. Businesses that are looking for solutions to their problems don’t jump into a contract with anyone right away. They test, assess, and research possible solutions. 

Getting a free consultation or trial will definitely give you brownie points. Once they see the value you’re offering with your product or service, then they’ll start seriously considering working with you. Plus setting up a landing page for prospects to fill up is great for gathering information. 

3. Try Personalized Emails

Messaging systems like Mailchimp have made it easier for marketers to send out an email to thousands of leads in a short span of time. However, open rates tend to be on the low side for these types of campaigns. So how can you convince your prospect to click on that email and read your offer? Touch on their personal emotions and needs.

By addressing a topic that’s extremely personal to their own experiences, you can convince them to click on an email right away. Of course, sending out a custom message for each client can be quite tedious. Create an email template and just modify certain details to fit each client. 

If you’re implementing account-based marketing strategies, you only have to focus on the people who are most likely to convert based on certain criteria. You won’t have to create personalized emails for thousands of leads every time.

4. Acknowledge Your Competition but Don’t Trash Talk

One way of throwing a curveball to your prospect is by directly mentioning your competition. Give your prospect a clear comparison of similar companies. But of course, you need to hype up your edge over the others so the client will choose you. It isn’t about trash-talking your competition, but it’s more about empowering your client to make the right decision objectively. 

No need to worry about possibly losing clients. Your competence will speak for itself.

5. Ask for Referrals

Got some clients who have been making huge strides with your services? Ask them to refer you to others who need you. 

Despite the sudden uptick of digital marketing activities nowadays, word of mouth and reviews are still very much valued by key figures of enterprises.

Keeping Up With the Prospects

Remember, sales trends are fluid and unpredictable. It’s best to keep an eye out for new viral sales opportunities on top of gathering substantial intent data. What type of sales outreach have you and your team been doing?  If you’re getting stagnant, then it’s time to innovate. Good thing N.Rich is here to give gather useful intent data to help you strategize better.