Old-school methods of sales management consume a huge chunk of your time, effort, and resources. If you invest in the right sales enablement tools, your team will be able to spend more time focusing on building customer relationships and less time on menial work.

In this article:

  • Tools assisting with sales enablement create a more efficient sales process to eventually achieve the company’s revenue goals.
  • The key to finding the right tool for your business is to know where you need help the most. Look for problematic areas in your organization that these tools can solve.
  • Find platforms that can integrate other sales enablement tools for seamless inter-department collaborations.

Tools to Increase Sales Revenue

The road to increasing revenue and stable growth doesn’t have to be a complicated journey for the sales and marketing team. Thanks to many technologies available right now, life can be a little easier for the hardworking people in these departments. 

A sales enablement tool can help a business in many ways. The key is knowing which tools are needed for specific problems that the company might be experiencing. Sales enablement tools should serve as problem solvers, helping with certain aspects of your organization where you have challenges or issues to overcome.

Are you struggling with how to best equip your sales team? Do you need a tool that can be easily managed by just one or two people in the department, a platform for the entire team, or something else entirely? Tools like N.Rich’s Account Based Marketing Platform help them focus on creating wonderful buying experiences while also gathering more information regarding their target market. The data collected can also be shared between marketers and salespeople, making the alignment and collaboration easier to implement.

Here are some tools that enable you to maximizes sales enablement processes when implemented properly.

1. Sales Prospecting Tools

Prospecting involves a lot of activities for salespeople such as identifying the most ideal prospects for your product and collecting and recording your leads’ contact details. They also need to connect with them to eventually close a deal. 

Sales prospecting automation will help improve your team’s productivity by focusing on promising leads instead of those that don’t pass the criteria. This type of tool will also standardize the process, equipping every salesperson with a road map and account strategy for high-quality leads.

2. Sales Engagement Tools

One highly effective engagement with a target lead will result in revenue for that specific account, but how can you duplicate the results with other prospects en masse? 

Engagement tools gather data on how your clients interact with you and then identify which marketing efforts need reinforcement. They multiply the results of a successful transaction at scale without wasting time so that sales can be more effective than ever before. These systems also keep track of which communication methods are the most effective. 

3. Customer Relationship Management Tools

CRM is a software that lets you know more about your clients, including their needs and interests. It tells us exactly what makes them tick so we can sell to them better. Beyond that, this tool also measures essential data from existing customers for accurate sales reports. 

CRM tools integrate well with marketing platforms like N.Rich to save time and resources in gathering useful buyer intent data for future campaigns and sales strategies.

4. Content Management Tools

Sales enablement tools might be a great addition to your marketing platform, but they’re not going to do much good on their own. In order for you to make the most of these sales-focused assets and get far with lead generation campaigns, it’s crucial that you know which ads are working so that you can focus on those areas.

Content management systems can be a great tool for your team to store all their documents in one place. This will help both the sales and marketing teams especially when there’s fast-paced work involved with lots of paperwork.

Sales teams need to maintain contracts, customer files, and internal papers in order to keep track of things. Marketing departments have an archive that stores published materials which helps them monitor the ones most effective at converting people.

5. Sales Intelligence

Information is power. To gain it for your business, you need to have the right tools to help you harness it. Steering your business towards the right direction needs crucial buyer intent data to give an idea of what your target market needs. 

N.Rich can provide the kind of information you need to get ahead of your competition. By analyzing your target leads’ buying behavior, you’ll see what they’re looking for and when exactly to engage. Not only is it useful for marketers, but your sales team can also use the data to plan out strategies to populate the sales pipeline.

Find platforms that can integrate other sales enablement tools with no problem. If you want to have a competitive advantage, then finding platforms that integrate other sales enablement tools is the key. They may set you back for a bit but, you’ll be able to earn it all back with better conversions and higher revenues.