Businesses with performance marketing strategies are able to bring their ads closer to their target audience and spend only for the results they bring in. By also conducting personalized prospecting, they maximize their target market’s potential exposure which in turn increases conversions as well. All that while spending less on advertising!

In this article:

  • Personalized prospecting allows you to reach out to qualified leads as well as deliver useful content at the best possible time.
  • Despite advancements in technology when it comes to establishing customer engagement, 81% of consumers prefer to interact with brands on a more personal level. 
  • N.Rich utilizes intent data of your target audience to determine when to best display your ads or engage with your audience. 

Improve Performance Marketing Results With The Right Leads

It’s so easy to say ABM is all about focusing your sales effort on targeted accounts. How can you create an account with qualified leads if you don’t have any leads to add to your sales funnel? Effective sales conversion relies on accurate buyer intent information to fill the funnel with the right prospects from the right channels

What Is Personalized Prospecting

Personalized prospecting is the method of manually reaching out to qualified leads using your buyer’s desired content at their most receptive time. However, this step in the sales funnel can sometimes be the most difficult step for salespeople despite its importance.

Sales is all about relationships. To close deals and raise revenue, salespeople must build strong connections with prospects. You need to use data-backed personalized approaches for each individual client or lead you’re trying to target with a deeper relationship.

Despite the prevalence of chatbots and automated messages, 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them more and be able to answer their needs at the right time.

Personalized Prospecting and Performance Marketing

Now, you can attract the right type of clients by using data-backed account based marketing strategies. The personalized messages will help your business grow and prosper in no time at all.

ABM platforms such as N.Rich utilize intent data from your target audience to determine when to best display your ads or engage with your audience. 

You can take a more personalized marketing approach by identifying prospects with the highest lead score. They will then have access to personalized content that solves their pain points. You’ll improve your conversion rates as it is in line with what they’re looking for. Also, they have already been brought into your funnel at some point during website navigation or through another form submission process. You won’t have to go back out onto those platforms hunting down leads anymore!

How It Can Optimize Your Performance Marketing Results

Businesses run performance marketing strategies to increase their revenue and decrease spending. This is possible because they only pay for the results they get. That’s unlike traditional marketing methods where you shell out thousands only to get less than a 5% conversion rate. 

Adding personalized prospecting to the mix will amplify the effects of this method. The data from platforms like N.Rich fuels content for better results. Now it will be tailored just right according to this customer behavior analysis. It provides prospects exactly what they need at each stage on their journey towards conversion. Automating the collection and analysis of buyer intent data will save you a whole lot of time, as well. 

On the other hand, not every step in the sales funnel should be automated. Technology may help you create and publish your display ads, but closing a deal will rely greatly on how your salespeople will follow through with the accounts.

Once your target leads respond to the display ads, you can then send out personalized emails and other follow-ups to establish a deeper relationship with them. Pouring their attention to the 

N.Rich’s automated display advertising platform makes prospecting, publishing, and monitoring for B2B companies easier than ever before. Increase your revenue with reliable intent data that the ABM platform can provide.