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ABM Advertising

March 11, 2022
by Markus Stahlberg • Mar 11, 2022
Back in December 2021, a hook-up app Grindr was fined around $7.1 million by Norway’s data protection authority for passing user data to advertisers without consent. This is one of the most recent cases to warn advertisers to take all the neces...

ABM Advertising, Intent Data

November 15, 2021
by Markus Stahlberg • Nov 15, 2021
There are three things one can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and your target accounts moving down the funnel and turning into clients. For the latter, N.Rich is your go-to tool.We’re excited to introduce the Intent Reports - a ne...

ABM Advertising, Revenue Attribution

October 13, 2021
by Dan Tabaran • Oct 13, 2021
An account based marketing (ABM) strategy’s main goal is to increase revenue, but how do you know if it’s a successful endeavor? Results may not be apparent right away but certain metrics should see significant growth.In this article:Inc...

Product Marketing

October 11, 2021
by Markus Stahlberg • Oct 11, 2021
Launching a new product or company is an exciting time, especially if you feel you have something to offer that isn't already on the market. However, you can't rush into running a launch blindly. It takes careful planning and consideration to work o...