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Revenue Attribution

July 31, 2021
by Dan Tabaran • Jul 31, 2021
Do you know where your income is coming from? Which aspect of your marketing campaign contributes to your revenue? Revenue attribution can help you understand your buyers and give them the experience they’re looking for.In this article: Re...

Sales Outreach

July 21, 2021
by Maxim Kublitski • Jul 21, 2021
Sales enablement is the key to ABM success. How can your business effectively align your sales and marketing teams for maximized effects on your revenue?In this article:Sales enablement is the process of providing salespeople with all their ...

Content Marketing

July 14, 2021
by Dan Tabaran • Jul 14, 2021
Account-based marketing may be trendy but if it’s not properly planned, you still won’t be able to yield results from it. How do you bring the right accounts into your funnel and keep them there? You need content that attracts and captivates you...

Intent Data

July 14, 2021
by Dan Tabaran • Jul 14, 2021
Move clients through your pipeline faster with accurate B2B intent data. What exactly is it and how can it help you build your pipeline in your account-based marketing program?In this article:Intent data is information gathered to help a com...