There are three things one can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and your target accounts moving down the funnel and turning into clients. For the latter, N.Rich is your go-to tool.

We’re excited to introduce the Intent Reports – a new feature combining third party and first party intent into a single account score. With Intent reports you can capture, drive and convert buyer intent with account-based advertising. Here’s how you can do it:

Uncover “hidden demand” accounts

Start with uncovering in-market accounts that fit your ideal customer profile and show interest in topics related to your product – but haven’t yet included your company to their consideration set. 

In order to uncover this hidden demand, you can leverage N.Rich third party intent data from 5K+ external B2B websites and combine it with the first party intent data readily available from your website and advertising. All you need to do is provide the relevant topics (choose from almost 7K available), configure your first party intent data sources and your Ideal Customer Profile in the form of firmographics: company size, industry and locations.

As a result, you will get a list of companies that fit your criteria. The score combining both the third party and first party intent will indicate how high the account’s intent level is: the higher the score, the bigger the chance for your offering to be perceived positively.

Heat them up with advertising and watch the intent grow

Now it’s time to introduce your offering to these accounts. You know the topics they’re looking for, the exact solutions they’re evaluating (yes, you can add competitor names as topics as well), and the locations from which the intent is coming from a lot of information to craft a highly personalised value proposition and to promote it through personalised account-based advertising campaigns.

The best way to launch a campaign is by using N.Rich account-based advertising capabilities. With N.Rich you can set up personalised advertising campaigns optimised for capturing intent, with just a few clicks, without help of agencies or designers. ABM campaigns built with N.Rich utilise a proprietary next generation B2B AdTech, ad formats are specifically designed to maximise video and text content engagement and clicks.

The campaigns drive the targeted accounts to engage with your content on your ads or website. This results in detailed data on which accounts are most interested and where exactly this intent is coming from. You’ll also see the first party intent score grow, which means the prospect isn’t just looking for information related to your category or competitors – they’re beginning to consider your company as a potential supplier as well.

Provide your sales team with valuable insights

Along with the intent dynamics, N.Rich will also provide you with data to enable sales outreach including accurate content engagement and location data on the account level. This will allow your sales team to approach potential clients in a more targeted manner: knowing which location the potentially interested prospects are based in, what content formats and value propositions engage them most.

Attribute closed won deals to your marketing activities

81% of high-propensity B2B buyers don’t fill out forms when engaging with a vendor. Gated content and forms are avoided by the majority of B2B buyers, which means you need to find another way to measure your success and ROI. N.Rich makes opportunity attribution easy by combining the CRM opportunity data with the engagement data over a period of time. 

Remember that account who had a high third party intent and a low first party intent in the beginning of this post? When this account converts into an opportunity and eventually closes won, you have a perfect basis to show how marketing drives business value. In N.Rich Opportunity Analytics you can easily track the attribution with a convenient graph.

As a result:

  • You identify target accounts worth an investment before you start a campaign
  • You can customise your offering to their needs and pain points using third party intent data
  • You can launch tailored campaigns from the same platform: no need to switch between tools and match the data
  • You transparently see how you start appearing on your target accounts’ radars
  • You don’t just bring leads to your sales team – you provide solid background on every target account for more effective outreach
  • You can (finally) attribute closed won deals to your marketing activities

Give the new feature a try

Intent Reports can bring huge value to your business by helping connect the dots and demonstrate how advertising helps move target accounts down the funnel. If you would like to try our platform for free for 14 days, set up a meeting with an N.Rich expert now.