The best way to increase the rate of conversion in your sales funnel is by gathering and maximizing B2B intent data. This will help you decrease possible losses, which enables an accelerated return on investment (ROI).

In this article:

  • Intent data, which is collated from several sources through cookies and IP addresses, can be used to determine if they are in active buying mode or not.
  • With intent data, it is easier to target prospects who are actively searching for your product or service.
  • Achieving a high ROI is critical, and that’s where highly tailored content comes into play. It limits wasted resources which also contributes to revenue growth.

How to Use Intent Data for ROI

When it comes to B2B marketing, knowing when the perfect timing to engage with your lead is a crucial aspect of a business. By having access to your prospect’s buying behavior, you will be able to focus on the best time and way to show them how your product or service can answer their needs.

B2B intent data is an important piece of information that gives you a clear idea of your target market’s buying behavior, current needs, as well as the products they are currently researching on. This is important to get to reach your target ROI faster. 

Intent data is collated from several sources through cookies and IP addresses, so you can accurately determine if a prospective buyer is in active buying mode.

Now you can focus on the right people with B2B intent data, because they are the accounts that will decide whether or not to buy your product. They’ll probably make a purchase if it solves their problems and pain points. 

How does intent data help you earn back the money you spent on marketing faster? 

Enhances Precision for Campaigns

Because intent data can pinpoint which accounts are most likely to interact with you, you get better visuals of people’s needs and eventually convert them into paying customers. This information fuels your marketing team to run campaigns targeting the right people with the right content. You won’t be wasting resources trying to catch as many fish as you can, only to throw away the majority of them back into the sea. 

With intent data, a few lures dropped into a sea of promising prospects will bring in a higher conversion rate. 

Creates and Drives Highly Tailored Content to Key People

Before coming up with the decision to do business with one particular brand, key decision-makers tend to do a ton of research to find the best option for their organization. How would they know which enterprise will give them what they need? Through the content you fuel your ads with, of course. 

By knowing what your leads are searching for online, you’ll know what content you can direct at them through subtle, non-invasive but targeted digital marketing.

Using an ABM tool like N.Rich also makes it possible for you to allocate resources and content to specific accounts that will most likely yield positive results for your revenue. 

Delivering highly tailored content to promising accounts at just the right moment will limit wasted resources, which also contributes to revenue growth. In turn, you can reach your goals and ROI much faster than anticipated.

Optimizes Sales by Keeping Your Competition in Check

Getting your prospects stolen from you by a competitor is not a pleasant experience. Gathering intent data can help stop this from happening.

You don’t have to wait for your prospects to contact you or reply to your emails. You can take action without being too aggressive by sending out targeted display ads instead. That way, top prospects will continue to see when they go online and be reminded of what solution you can offer to their problems.

Intent data can minimize these incidents by analyzing which competitors your leads are searching for. Then, target these leads with your highly customized content. You will have a better chance of converting them before your competitor does. 

It also keeps churn in check because you’ll see which of your existing clients are checking out other brands. You can intervene by offering them products or services related to their search. If they find it useful, then you won’t have to worry about them checking out other providers apart from yours.

Reach Your Goal ROI with the Right Tools

Intent data holds the power in reaching your revenue goals faster and easier. You won’t have to connect with thousands upon thousands of questionable leads. With the proper information, you can pinpoint top prospects and focus your efforts on them.

N.Rich can provide you with the essential intent data you need, among others. You have full control over this customizable ABM platform where you can create and launch a campaign in mere minutes. This builds your pipeline for more increased sales conversions and essentially, reach revenue growth.