Webinars and live streams are great ways to generate demand before, during, and after each online event. However, the videos themselves do not attract a high conversion rate; rather how they’re promoted will contribute to attracting more leads throughout the sales funnel.

In this article: 

  • Hosting a webinar or live stream is an efficient way to stay connected with existing customers and the target market in general.
  • You can drive significant new demand for your webinar by creating valuable content and publishing display ads before the event.
  • After the webinar, take the webinar and repurpose it to other formats such as YouTube videos or podcasts. Publish these on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

Earning Revenue from Webinars

The current global health crisis has forced businesses to adapt and change. Those who tried their best not to give in have no choice but to go digital as well.

Despite the problematic time, digital marketing has been giving these enterprises the win they need. Today, even small businesses that didn’t have Facebook pages before the flu pandemic are posting display ads on every platform. Companies had to transition from holding face-to-face gatherings in spaces like conference rooms and hallways, to virtual events that could be held anywhere online. 

Digital ads are a great way to reach your target market, but hosting webinars and live streams is an easy and effective method as well. Webinars allow people staying at home due to work-from-home setups or canceled vacations the chance to attend digital events no matter where they may be located around the world. These online events also share valuable content to target leads, eventually leading them to connect deeper with business owners. 

However, webinars alone have not exhibited an increase in conversion rate. You may convince less than half of your attendees to close a deal with you. Fortunately, because of the current circumstances, more prospects are seeing online ads and events like webinars and live streams. 

Videos are not a silver bullet for your conversion rate, and you shouldn’t expect them to suddenly result in an increased number of conversions. However, using this event as part of larger campaigns can be effective at increasing brand awareness and demand within the target market.

How can you generate demand from webinars and events? Here are a few ways to utilize these online campaigns to add more people to your pipeline and raise revenue.

Capture Leads with Display Ads Pre-Event

Webinars effectively capture leads even before the event begins. Boosting social posts will widen your reach but what about those not using Facebook or LinkedIn? You can generate more demand by creating valuable content and publishing display ads prior to the webinar. So when they go online, they’ll see your ads everywhere. 

To increase leads from webinars, you can run boosted campaigns on social media. However, rather than just boosting social posts, you can widen your reach by creating valuable content and publishing display ads prior to the webinar. This way when they go online, they’ll see your ads wherever they go.

N.Rich’s ABM platform allows advertisers to create targeted content for specific accounts and track the level of engagement from each account, all within one centralized dashboard.

With the system, you can automate data gathering to easily analyze which accounts your sales team should continue engaging with. This will then help create awareness for your brand and products in these accounts by sending them targeted messages.

Engage with Audience to Gather More Data During the Webinar 

When planning a webinar, you should expect that only about 15% of those who signed up will attend your online event. However, with some engaging activities during the session itself and an effective email follow-up strategy, after it’s over, you can see conversion rates increase to around 50%.

You can use the data you gather from these activities like polls and surveys to determine what your audience thinks about your product, service, or the industry in general. You’ll get a sense of where they are in the buying cycle, giving your sales team a hand with personalizing their sales strategies for each account.

Set up giveaways during the webinar as well. Ask your audience to sign up for a special freebie or to opt-in for your e-newsletter. You can easily build your first party intent data with this strategy.

Increase Demand and Revenue Post Event 

Did your webinar or live stream end with just a few participants? No need to worry. The video is automatically saved in the platform you streamed at. 

From there, you can download the video and repurpose it to other formats to be published on other websites. With just one video, you can come up with dozens of content such as:

  • Blog and articles
  • Short clips
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters

Planning and running a webinar takes up a lot of time, effort, and resources so you should turn it into a perpetual lead marketing tool. Keep it up on your website or social media page and it will continue to gather leads for your brand. Evergreen topics stay relevant months and even years after the initial upload. 

N.Rich ensures your demand generation efforts will not go to waste by automating the intent data you need for market analysis, targeting specific accounts with collected information so that ROI can be improved more effectively and efficiently.