When it comes to building your brand and messaging, you need to establish a genuine connection with your target audience. Demand generation won’t just help you grow your brand, it will also increase revenue and improve the interaction between marketing and sales.

In this article:

  • Compared to generating leads, creating demand for your brand can possibly result in a more loyal customer base and a higher brand value.
  • Implementing Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, you’ll be able to collect buyer intent data as well as run targeted ad campaigns for specific people.
  • You can also generate demand for your brand by connecting with in-market prospects using highly valuable content, giving away custom merchandise, among others.

How Demand Generation Can Increase Sales

As opposed to lead generation, demand generation attracts prospects through inbound marketing, email campaigns, events, and direct responses. It identifies the target leads that respond well to your company’s branding and messaging. 

Then, once contact has been made, these leads are then ushered through the funnel and turned over to the sales department after warming them up. It creates a symbiotic relationship and strengthens the interaction between the two teams.

Compared to generating leads, creating demand for your brand can possibly result in a more loyal customer base. It also increases your brand value because it targets key people who actually need your product or service. 

How do you build demand generation for your brand? Here are a few ways.

Implement Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategies

B2B businesses that want to increase demand for their brand will benefit from account based marketing (ABM) activities. 

This works by collating a list of qualified leads and gathering crucial buyer intent data. With this, you’ll be able to identify what your target market needs and when the best time to engage with them is. You can also come up with different ways to connect with your target accounts to deepen your relationship with them. These ways include sharing valuable content through blog posts, toolkits, videos, and display ads. Once they’re ready, salespeople can take over in guiding them through the sales funnel until conversion. Through these types of content, you can share your brand’s general messaging and value proposition, which allows key decision-makers of your target companies to determine if the solutions you offer fit their needs.

The N.Rich platform allows you to manage a comprehensive ABM marketing program even when you haven’t tried it before. You can also integrate other marketing tools and focus on advertising without worrying about platform costs. You can focus on delivering your content to the audience that matters the most.

Give Away Free Merchandise

Offer a free downloadable document for leads who sign up for your event or campaign. It should contain information that’s valuable to your target accounts in a format that’s easily digestible. Toolkits, a feature article in PDF format, or a compilation of articles targeting your audience are great examples of giveaway options. These documents can also be sent through emails like newsletters or as an extended link for videos and social media posts. 

Another way is to send merchandise with your company branding to hot leads. Doing this will remind your target market of your company and even score you some brownie points. They’ll definitely recognize your effort and intention to forge a deeper relationship with them.

Find In-Market Buyers 

Using buyer intent data, find prospects who are already in the market for a solution to their pain points. Being able to access this information prevents your team from wasting their time by creating demand for your brand from scratch. Instead, your team can just identify which accounts are primed for conversion through intent data and focus your efforts on them instead.

Take it a step further by offering them free consultations, eBooks, toolkits, or company merchandise.  

Build Credibility with High-Quality Content

Your content plays a huge role in building demand for your brand. Accurate and valuable blog posts, newsletters, videos, webinars, and case studies can boost your authority within your niche. The content you put out is important for B2B companies because it’s what they’ll continuously go back to while mulling over the decision to close a deal with you. 

Take note, however, that your prospects may need different content depending on where they are in the sales funnel. They may need a more research and results-filled presentation later on in the buying stage.

Take Advantage of Content Syndication

Some people don’t respond well to hard selling. In fact, most of the time leads dismiss them outright. What demand generation does is butter up your target audience so that they find merit in doing business with you on their own terms somehow. 

Content syndication makes this possible by bringing your content in front of your target audience without being invasive. This can be done through targeted outreach strategies for your prospects, publishing paid ads, and using distribution channels to share your content.

Watch Your Revenue Grow 

With the right demand generation tool, you won’t have to worry about missing out on prospective clients. N.Rich’s platform collects the intent data you need and runs campaigns to connect you with hot leads. Then, you can watch your revenue grow and soon you’ll be able to reach your ROI goals faster.