A personalized message is a powerful tool in the right hands. Not only do you show them your interest with your undivided attention, but you can also win over prospects who may not have been interested in doing business with you at first. A custom email or personalized call may be the gateway towards converting leads into loyal patrons. 

In this article:

  • Content marketing is an outbound approach to attract new leads. Meanwhile, creating custom messages is geared towards nurturing relationships with existing prospects and clients.
  • Segmenting the data you gather will help you identify your target accounts’ needs to create more valuable messages for your content..
  • With the right data, you’ll be able to map out an effective content marketing plan covering several channels and methods like retargeted ads, emails, and calls.

Custom Content vs Content Marketing

Many people assume that running a content marketing strategy means you have to personalize every single piece of material. But this is not true, and the two concepts are mutually exclusive–you could do both! 

Content marketing, in general, is geared towards attracting new leads by publishing materials and content that are useful to prospects. It’s a cacophony of campaigns and processes aimed at expanding your target market. 

Meanwhile, custom content targets an existing audience with tailored messages designed to move them along the sales funnel. Essentially, it encourages repurchases and builds trust as well as loyalty sting contacts. It also nudges along prospects who have yet to make a purchase but have already initiated a relationship with your company. 

That said, custom content is part of content marketing focusing on nurturing existing leads and prospects. It can be done through custom blogs, display ads, or emails.

Gather As Much Data As Possible

How can companies create customized messages for target accounts? Feedbacks and surveys are indeed useful but they only capture a small portion of your prospects list. What you need to see is the overall pulse of your audience and buyer intent data can give you that insight.

Use intent data to give your target leads a customized experience with your company. The right ABM tools can help you tailor your messaging for the people who are most likely to buy. They help your team focus on leads with a higher chance of conversion and filter out the rest.

With these tools, you get access to first party and third party intent data to help you create a more informed decision. 

N.Rich’s platform gathers buyer intent data to know how interested your potential customers might be in what you’re offering. More specifically, you’ll be able to see their buying behavior and determine what solutions they need for their business. You can then use this information to increase demand by creating a personalized experience for your customers with your emails, landing page, or e-commerce store site. 

Understand Your Target Accounts

You won’t be able to strategize properly if you’ll only get a jumble of data from the platform. By segmenting your audience and understanding their unique interests, you can create content that is more tailored for them. This will increase the chances of reaching potential customers with relevant information or offers which, in turn, increases conversions!

Segment your leads into these sections:

  • Demographics – covers the age, gender, ethnicity, income, and education
  • Behavioral  – covers their actions online like shopping, purchasing, browsing, and brand loyalty
  • Geographic – pertains to their location, country, city, region, and postal code.
  • Psychographic – includes their hobbies, goals, habits, interests, beliefs, and lifestyles

From there, you can identify which segments make up your target accounts and what possible issues they need to solve. Then, you can generate the right content to address these challenges.

Map Out Your Content

So you gathered your data, categorized your target accounts, and figured out what their main pain points are. Your next step would be to figure out how you should deliver your custom messages to your target audience. 

N.Rich’s ABM platform allows you to create and run various ad campaigns. You can also integrate CRM and sales tools to create a more comprehensive content marketing plan. This includes publishing retargeted ads to those who visited your website before, sending out custom emails, and reaching out to significant segments with specific needs. 

Working on specialized content also helps you maintain a deeper relationship with existing clients as well as building one with prospects that may eventually convert in the future.

Personalize Your Target Market’s Sales Experience

Personalizing the messages you send to your prospects doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours on end on just one lead. Templates will still be useful but you should customize them by adding a special insert like a congratulatory message. Greeting them on a holiday or celebrating a promotion with them can do wonders for your sales! 

Some people even send out special gifts or merchandise to establish a closer connection with their clients and prospects.

N.Rich continuously develops its platform to improve needed campaigns and your overall ABM experience.