Although it can be hard to focus on, a content marketing strategy should not go overlooked for new business owners. A well-planned and tracked content promotion will attract prospects and improve sales even in the early stages of company growth. Here are a few content marketing ideas to attract and retain leads for your new business.

  • Create content that’s well-written and valuable to your target market. Blogs, videos, and social media posts that offer solutions to pain points will attract B2B clients more effectively than a hastily created sponsored ad on Google.
  • Use tools that effectively tie your content marketing plans directly to your sales funnel, like N.Rich.
  • Explore different content forms to know which ones work best for your business.

Reach Relevant Leads With Valuable Content

Starting your own business is a great way to start making money, but it can be hard to get people on the ground and show them what you have. Most new businesses do not have much of an advertising budget for their company or product name out there. Fortunately, technological advances have now made marketing campaigns easier to start and track. There are many strategies to get the most out of marketing campaigns but to attract the right audience, you need to have compelling, relevant, and valuable content.

However, before creating a bunch of posts and ads, you must first determine who your market is and research who to target. B2B companies, in particular, need to identify the key decision-makers of the organizations they are targeting to be able to create content that will catch their attention and compel them to become paying customers. 

Marketing apps such as N.Rich’s Account Based Marketing platform help businesses gather crucial market behavioral data and manage advertising campaigns to get your content in front of the right people anywhere on the internet.

Content Marketing Ideas to Increase ROI

Effective content marketing efforts will increase your chances of converting a higher percentage of targeted leads. What kind of content should you be putting out to improve ROI? Here are some content marketing formats and ideas to help you connect with more leads and eventually increase revenue.

1. Publish Valuable Articles and Blog Posts

Knowing and understanding your audience based on their intent data will give you an idea of their concerns and issues. Then writing a blog post with content that answers those pain points will help you attract the right leads to engage with. 

Make sure, however, that your article is well-written with valuable information for your target market. Otherwise, it will not yield the results you need. 

You are competing with millions of other posts on the internet right now. To stand out from the rest, you need to know the solutions your target audience needs. It also helps to present them in a non-typical, creative way.

2. Offer Giveaways

Everybody loves free stuff and you can turn this into a means to gather important data from prospects. 

Turn blog posts into an ebook that interested people need to sign up for to get for free. The content can be features, infographics, essential tips, or lists that answer your audience’s needs. 

This is an effective means to gather first party intent data, not just to collect information to use for sales outreach activities but also to assess which accounts have better chances of conversion. 

3. Create Paid Ads

Most likely, prospects who made contact with your social media page or website already have an idea about the product or service you offer. However, you also need to expand your reach to attract more leads. Creating paid ads can help you reach out to more leads.

Understandably, new businesses may have budgeting concerns. Performance marketing strategies are a cost-effective way of advertising designed for new businesses. With performance marketing, you pay only when there is an outcome from your advertisement campaign and this will prevent useless expenses that can result in wasted time and resources.

4. Set Up Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Set up newsletters or email campaigns to gather more first party data. The data provided by those who sign up and opt-in to the campaigns may also be used for other sales and marketing efforts.

If you already have a blog in place, sending out a newsletter through emails will help increase views. It also helps you stay relevant to the leads you previously established connections from past marketing campaigns. 

5. Explore Long and Short-Form Videos

Because mobile phones are already a staple in people’s everyday lives, it’s only natural that content will also evolve into phone-friendly topics and formats. Social media has been gaining popularity for effective marketing efforts but. That includes both long and short-form videos. Recently, live streams and short videos popularized by TikTok have been making waves in the marketing world.

Live streams and webinars can be used to bring in first party intent data by utilizing sign-up forms for other webinars or newsletters. 

However, relying mainly on social media to advertise your videos and written content will limit you to your followers within those platforms. Crossposting can become tedious, sometimes requiring too much effort away from running your business. Fortunately, N.Rich allows you to post your videos anywhere on the internet through retargeted ads. You can launch marketing campaigns using your videos and posts.

Creating Engaging Content

It’s important to make your content engaging and valuable. Content like this will help you stand out from the competition, making it easier for everyone involved in sales and marketing to get their product or service noticed by more relevant people. Keeping up with the latest trends within your target market also helps you stay relevant to your audience.

You will be able to catch as well as retain the attention of the decision-makers in your targeted B2B companies with topics that contain solutions to their main problems. Once you’re able to answer those, then establishing a long and fruitful relationship will easily follow. 

N.Rich offers you that chance by allowing you to send the content you create to your target segments, anywhere on the internet, tying it directly to your sales funnel as well. You won’t have to worry about tracking your content’s effectiveness either, because the N.Rich platform will track the metrics you need to monitor and analyze the data collected.