Advertising is one of the key tools that make account-based marketing an effective program to adapt for businesses. But does it really help in increasing your revenue? 

In this article:

  • Advertising with ABM helps your marketing and sales team gather and identify relevant data to improve client conversion.
  • It allows businesses to cater to wider target market with specific, data-driven content. 
  • It encourages target leads to engage with the content published without being pushy or too invasive. 

How ABM Advertising Improves Your ROI

Do you know who you’re targeting when you set up your advertising campaigns? How do you generate demand for your product with the content you put out? 

When you advertise with ABM, the objective is to connect with your target audience and convince them to do business with you. So you’ll need a platform that you can fully control campaigns in as you create awareness for your product.

If your ultimate goal is to increase your revenue, then relying on results from display marketing may not be enough. It can be too broad for native platforms, which may result in wasted budgets.

With an ABM platform like N.Rich, on the other hand, you gain full control over the campaigns you’re running, allowing you to focus on more engaged accounts that responded to your advertising campaigns. You don’t have to worry about irrelevant sessions anymore, thereby curbing pointless spending and, in turn, improving your ROI. 

That being said, how exactly will custom ABM advertising help your company increase your revenue? Let’s look at some benefits you can experience with this ABM strategy.

ABM Advertising Benefits

1. Marketing and Sales Team Alignment for Strategies

Companies running traditional methods of digital marketing often hit a wall when it comes to aligning sales strategies with marketing methods. But that’s not the case for businesses adapting ABM strategies. 

Marketers get relevant intent data from the target audiences, determine which channels are more effective in raising revenue, then create other engaging content to increase potential conversions. The sales team doesn’t get left behind because they have access to all the data being extracted. In this way, they can come up with data-driven and proven sales strategies that in turn increase the company’s revenue.

2. Measurable ROI

With a customized advertising platform, you can control the campaigns you put out to attract your target audience. By tracking each account you target, you’ll see how effective videos, display ads, blog posts, and other content are in enticing your prospects into doing business with you. 

Now you can identify which channels churn out the most revenue and which ones need to be overhauled or even scrapped. You improve your business’ ROI by simply getting accurate and measurable data.

3. Send More Personalized Content to Target Audience

By gathering relevant intent data from prospective clients, you can create more personalized content that will increase your chances of enticing your audience into converting. 

You will be able to gather what type of content your audience wants to see based on their own buying behavior. From there, you can start advertising contextual messages that will answer your prospects’ needs or provide solutions for their pain points.  

4. More Engaging Content

Thanks to a more customized roster of published ads, your audience will now know what they can do to connect with you. Simply include a call-to-action for the ad and watch as it gets seen by people needing that exact product or service.

It’s not enough just to get people onto your landing page; you have to keep them there long enough for it all to sink in and then actually take an action on your site. The biggest mistake with ABM advertising is that leads can slip through the cracks if you don’t follow up. You need to have a plan in place for this, whether it be an automated email sequence or just following up on your own.

5. Can Complement Email Campaigns

Advertising is the most non-invasive form of marketing in existence. With emails, prospects can opt-out. However, they can’t do that with advertising. So you are reaching your target audience where they already spend their time.

However, ABM advertising can complement your email campaigns by capturing and analyzing reliable first party intent data. From there, you can create curated emails to send out to promising accounts. 

Growing Your Business with ABM Advertising

Running targeted display ads is just one part of ABM advertising. By pairing it with your CRM program, you can make promote your product to the audience that needs it the most. 

Running an advertising campaign for your ABM program does more than just widening your reach. It also helps you upsell your products to your existing clients without being too invasive.