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Marketing, Sales Enablement

May 26, 2022
by Markus Stahlberg • May 26, 2022
Whether you’re into sales or marketing, one of your most frequent day-to-day questions is: how do I make sure I’m focusing on the right prospects?You can craft beautiful ads, powerful slogans, or perfect ice-breakers for your outreach templa...


May 23, 2022
by Markus Stahlberg • May 23, 2022
Stock markets are going down, demonstrating the worst results in nearly 14 years. Inflation and interest rates are going up. This is going to cause problems in the market globally and for individual companies. For commercial teams like sales...

ABM Advertising, Marketing, Sales Outreach

May 16, 2022
by Markus Stahlberg • May 16, 2022
LinkedIn is a tool used by over 90% of marketers for content distribution, which makes it the #1 platform for B2B marketing. 84% of salespeople, on the other hand, are active on LinkedIn too, using tools such as Sales Navigator to identify and ...


May 12, 2022
by Markus Stahlberg • May 12, 2022
For a software, payback period is one of the cornerstone efficiency metrics. To put it shortly, payback period is how long it will take your investment to be recouped by the money you made by using the software. Let’s say you invested $1000 in a y...