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Content and Calls-to-Action Directly within Media

Based on HubSpot studies 98% of B2B site visitors are not converting. As solution you need to nurture your site visitors with relevant content. Natify's in-media Nurturing features take advantage of retargeting technology and in-media content widgets. The widgets enable readers not only to interact with the content, but also enable to integrate landing page to the content so that the target group never has to  leaving their favourite news site and interrupt the on-going flow.


Target Content to Your Buyer's Journey

Natify multi-channel lead nurturing as a concept is pretty straightforward: It delivers a series of targeted marketing messages across multiple touch points and platforms to help move leads through their buyer's journey. In-media lead nurturing is one of the best practices to optimise your nurturing strategies beyond email.  


Account-Based Marketing To Boost Results

Natify helps B2B marketers to succeed at ABM with predictive analytics to focus on the accounts on their targeted list that are showing the highest propensity to buy. To accelerate your account-based marketing efforts, Natify platform takes advantage of the content interactions of the prospect in order to understand which are the highest value accounts to target.


Programmatic Buying and Publishing for Content

Current "Native Advertising" solutions are using programmatic buying for promoting or amplifying content - Natify revolutionizes content marketing by introducing programmatic buying for content as such - it's not about promoting content, it's about publishing it directly at media.