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Conversion Based Pricing

for Content Engagement

Engaged reader is Natify's primary unit of value. Reading means a start of a buying journey, reading means qualification of the person's interest and a possibility to start a relevancy based content-dialogue with the person - sounds extraordinary for advertising? Natify's clients only pay for reads, which is defined as at least 50% of the in-media article text scrolled AND at least 10 seconds spent with it from start of scrolling.


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What is a reader?

A reader is a person interested in your content. Reader is defined as anybody that has read at least 50% of the article and spent at least 10 seconds with it from start of scrolling. Readers have self-qualified their interest by actively engaging with the content and will create a nurturing target group whose buying journey can be steered with in-media content towards signing up and becoming a lead.

What is a Natify account?

Natify account is where you manage and publish the in-media content. With all Natify accounts you can also gain access to real-time analytics of the engagement with your content. Natify accounts come in tiers based on the monthly volume of readers, the basic option being the tier of 2-3k readers. Tiers have been designed to ensure the success of top-of-the-funnel automation for organizations with different resources and focus areas.

How does Natify determine the cost of reader

The reader cost is determined based on the cost of converting a visitor of a website into to a reader. The three factors impacting the cost are the specificity of the content, i.e. how big a target audience finds the content relevant, what is the cost of acquiring a reader from a specific website and what is the desired volume of readers. In order to avoid surprises, with Natify you can define a maximum budget per reader.

How many readers are inclusive to account?

Every account tier is based on a specific reader pricing logic based on which it is easy to estimate how many readers are inclusive. The inclusive amount depends on the realized amount of readers and on the average cost per reader. The expected amount of readers for each account tier is included in the table above. 

How many readers should I target?

Easiest way to determine the amount of readers you should target is to estimate the overall size of your target audience. Due to Natify's extensive distribution only a small fraction of all people will be unaffected by Natify's in-media content and therefore it is not a question of how many readers you should target, but how big proportion of your target audience you wish to target. A good rule of thumb is to start with the expectation of getting readers from 30% of your overall target audience. 

How do I get started?

It's very easy to get started with Natify. You will need few pieces of content with images and a decision about how many readers you want to get for your content. Based on this information Natify can set up your account and you can get started rapidly. Further to this, if you need integrations with your existing marketing automation platform(s), it is very easy to set them up from Natify by pasting the API-keys to Natify.