Are you interested in Account Based Marketing? Natify ABM™ is a bundle of solutions that help you deliver and optimise world class ABM programs with engagement based pricing.

Are you interested in distributing your content programmatically? Natify Sponsored Content™ reaches 98% of commercial websites globally with sophisticated features for retargeting and audience management.

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Stop Paying for Noise on Google, Facebook, and Display

Natify B2B Enterprise Data Management Platform (DMP) enables account-based targeting of advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords, and Native Display. Natify DMP is designed for B2B Enterprise needs including account-based cookie management and integrations to key data assets - marketing automation systems, website, and ad-buying. 


Get Rid of Low Quality 3rd Party Data

Natify DMP will create you a tailor-made dataset to target your media exclusively to selected high-value accounts and relevant decision makers. Natify DMP goes beyond Account IP-address targeting and unreliable 3rd party sources. Natify’s dataset is based on proprietary Intra-Account Lookalike™ and Account Fingerprinting™ algorithms powered by prospect account engagement with your own content.


Go Beyond B2C Analytics

Don’t rely on unidentified visitors and lead quantity as sole metrics for B2B advertising impact. Natify DMP account level reporting shows advertising’s impact to high-value deals of up to 24 months before the sales actually took place. Measure account-based KPI’s accurately from Google, Facebook, and Display: Ad Reach, Website Traffic, Content Engagement, and Lead Quantity.



Fix for Poor Performing Display Ads

With Natify Native Articles™ distributed via programmatic display you can target and engage decision makers virtually on any website they visit with guaranteed performance.

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Break the Silos of Media and Marketing Automation

Natify cookie syncing introduces in-media engagement to your lead scoring accelerating lead conversion. With Natify’s marketing automation system integrations you can integrate in-media content into your automation programs.  



Natify helps B2B Enterprise companies solve problems with advertising and analytics that are out of reach from B2C based DMP’s and analytics platforms.

Complex KPI’s

Without an integrated analytics platform you are forced to summarize results from various individual platforms manually. Natify DMP automatically combines data from all platforms as a single view. 

Ad Spamming 

Natify DMP optimizes targeting based on realized engagement and perceived intent of the decision maker helping to get rid of the problems like too-high-frequency, creepily accurate personalization, and irrelevant content. 

Lost Media Spend

Impact of ad spending of many B2B enterprises is measured by the quantity of leads. Natify DMP enables attributing advertising performance from Facebook, Google, and Display to the actually closed sales deals - even without a single lead.

Paying for Noise

Natify DMP enables to target your ads to high-value accounts and influencers on Google, Facebook, and Display. No more spending to students, wrong companies, and wrong influencers. 

Concealed Targeting Data

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and 3rd party data vendors all conceal the sources and usage of their targeting data. With Natify DMP you not only know exactly what accounts you target, but also see which accounts are engaging.

B2C Analytics

Natify DMP is designed for B2B Enterprise needs with Single View to Account™ in it’s core, and gets rid of inaccurate metrics like average and total click-prices and conversions to what actually happened with a specific account. 




Natify DMP is designed for B2B Enterprises with a complex sales process typically with 100M€+ annual revenue, 100K€+ average deal size, and 1M€+ media spend.